SLEEEP,LAUGH AND RELAX: Some new words for dental treatment

Can you really relax in the dentist’s chair? Does the thought of having an RCT or teeth cleaning makes your entire body tensed with fear? Are you nervous to step foot in dentist”s office? Is there a severe phobia for dental treatment in your child?

All these dilemmas and fears can be over comed here at Cosmodent India(best dental clinic for you). We understand that dental visits can be overwhelming & can cause high levels of anxiety for some patients. It can discourage patient from visiting the the dentist and thereby affecting the overall oral health.

Cosmodent is passionate about promoting and providing the best dental care and treatment that makes you comfortable&promotes positive dental health and thus helping you to achieve the beautiful smiles.

We offer the sleep dentistry procedures by the best of team of our doctors.Patient can choose to undergo this by:

1)ORAL SEDATION: some anti anxiety drugs and sedatives are given a night before or prior to dental treatment. These medicaments create a drowsy and dreamy state of sleep,calming relaxation for entire duration of treatment.

2)CONSCIOUS SEDATION: it is done by the laughing gas(nitrogen oxide) and pure oxygen in which the patient is awake and responds to the commands but all with a fearfree and painfree experience.

3) IV SEDATION: done in the presence of anaesthetist with the injectable drugs

4)GA(general anaesthesia): patient will be completely unaware of his/her surroundings making the use of local anaesthetic unnecessary.

Most importantly all these procedures and techniques are totally safe here at cosmodent as its all is managed with best of the equipments and personnel and in one single sitting all is done.. which makes it so time effective.

For your child too now dental treatment is no longer a nightmare. WE have the best team of pediatric dentists and kid friendly treatment options. Environment is inviting and comfortable for your children.

BY- Dr. Charu Rana

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