All ceramic crowns Vs PFM (Porcelain fused to metal) crowns

All ceramic crowns, as the name implies are restorations whose full thickness is made of a glass like substance called porcelain.

Unlike PFM crowns they are free of metal because of which they exhibit superior aesthetics as the entire thickness of the crown is porcelain and they are equal in colour in all parts of the tooth thereby illustrating excellent translucency.

PFM crowns however have a metal coping inside & hence cannot transmit light through the crown because of the opaqueness of the metal & porcelain causing the tooth to look dull and unnatural in appearance.

One of the main things that are turning the patients away from PFM crowns is the desire to minimise the amount of metal in the mouth. Here are other reasons why all ceramic crown is the better option when compared to PFM crowns:

  • The presence of metal in PFM crowns can be a cause of concern for people with metal allergy.
  • If you suffer from receding gums, the metal around the edge of a PFM crown can become visible which is considered unappealing. All ceramic crowns do not have this problem as they are equal in colour in all parts of the tooth.
  • For those who excessively grind their teeth or suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders, the pressure might cause the bond between the metal and porcelain to crack, creating an undesirable appearance to the tooth.
  • The fabrication of all ceramic crown is advanced, i.e they are milled out of a single homogeneous block of material (CAD/CAM technology), resulting in a crown that has a uniform shade and illustrating excellent translucency.

In conclusion, all ceramic crowns are more advantageous in terms of aesthetic appearance and for those suffering from metal allergies, temporomandibular joint disorders and/or excessive grinding. All ceramic crowns simply provide more options for a better smile.





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