Why Do Your Gums bleed so often ??







Do your gums bleed while brushing ??

Do your gums feel swollen and itchy most of the day ?

Do you feel a change in the way your teeth fit during biting ?

Does your mouth stink of bad breath ?

Here’s all there is to know about it and the ways of getting the health of your gums back on track .


Bleeding of gums and inadequate plaque removal ( a thin biofilm of food debris and bacterial colonies ) are very closely interlinked .

Dental Plaque that houses zillions of bacteria causes the healthy gums to be inflamed and irritated , which cause the first signs of gum disease that catches your attention –  “ Bleeding Gums “

This very first sign of gum disease is termed gingivitis and is luckily completely reversible if taken care of in time . The American Association of Periodontists suggests visit to your gum specialist every 6 months for a round of skilled and professional round of gum care that involves cleaning the inflamed and swollen gums by getting rid of the plaque and tartar deposits around the gums .

In case the primary plaque films are not removed and the painless forms of gingivitis are ignored , it converts to relatively harder deposits aka tartar or calculus which in turn leads to a more advanced forms of gum and bone destruction termed PERIODONTITIS which is not completely reversible .

In fact if left unattended it causes severe damages to the assembly of structures that houses your teeth in the mouth .

Before one understands the variety of treatment options for correction of this debilitating gum condition , let’s understand the various reasons associated with periodontitis and bleeding gums in the first place :

  • Inadequate plaque removal , deposited over weeks to months .
  • Improper tooth brushing techniques .
  • Vitamin deficiencies leading to increased gum bleeds .
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy .
  • Age related ( Above 50 years at increased risk )
  • Medications like anti-depressants , oral contraceptives etc.
  • Increased stress levels
  • Diabetics , Leukemia ridden patients , etc

Numerous other factors are associated with severe forms of gum diseases that demand a thourough clinical and radiological evaluation .

At Cosmodent India , gum diseases are taken care of with utmost importance and they are watchfully segregated into various classes based on the causes and treated accordingly.

Laser based treatments available at Cosmodent India are very effective in dealing with the advanced stages of gum diseases where cleaning of the infectious agents is required beneath the gums and where the root surfaces are to be treated with a combination of drugs for rapid healing .

These procedures are collectively termed as curettage and root planing which provides amazing results , but careful monitoring of the progress of the healing is absolutely important which We are best at @ Cosmodent India .

Education on tooth brushing techniques and flossing procedures as well as what shall be required in the long term preservation of the gums is provided to all our patients with monthly follow ups to evaluate the improvement in gum conditions .

Choice of medications , drug interactions and the kind of mechanical aids used for gum therapy require careful monitoring and hence advance care is required in this regard .

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