Tooth Sensitivity is a common name for dentin hypersensitivity or root sensitivity. If hot, cold, sweet & acidic foods or drinks or breathing in cold air, makes your tooth sensitive or painful then you have sensitive teeth. This is a very common problem and it has been estimated that approximately half of the population experiences tooth sensitivity.It is usually a transient condition and can come and go over time.

Some of the causes of tooth sensitivity are as follows:

  • Brushing with too much force\using a hard bristled tooth brush over time can wear down the protective layers of your teeth (i.e enamel) and expose microscopic¬† hollow tube canals that anastomose with the central nerve supply called pulp. The simplest solution is to switch to a soft bristled tooth brush and to be gentle while brushing.
  • Acidic foods such as lemon, tomato, kiwi¬† pickles etc can cause sensitivity if the pathways to your never are exposed. Avoiding these foods can help you avoid any tooth discomfort.
  • If you’re a tooth grinder, enamel can eventually be worn down even though it is the strongest substance in your body. This can expose the inner (or middle) layer of the tooth which contains the hollow tubes that lead to your nerves. A night guard\mouth guard should be used to prevent the aggravation of this condition. At Cosmodent India, night guards are custom made to fit your bite.
  • Gum disease: Receding gums which are increasingly common with age (especially if you haven’t kept up with your dental health) can cause tooth sensitivity.In case of gingivitis and other periodontal problems, gum therapy including scaling and root planing, curettage and advanced gum surgeries need to be considered. At Cosmodent India ,we specialise in advanced therapeutic gum surgeries which will help you seal your teeth and treat the undelying cause of sensitivity.
  • If your tooth is cracked or chipped, tooth sensitivity may arise which may eventually cause pain.Evaluation of the extent of this fracture by the dentist is necessary to plan the right course of treatment.
  • Primary Decay and secondary decay around the edges of old fillings can allow bacteria to accumulate in these tiny crevices which cause acid build up and enamel breakdown, restoration of these lesions is important.

Other modes of treatment for symptomatic relief from sensitivity may include the use of desensitizing tooth pastes and shielding the tooth with a thin layer of protective dentin adhesive.At Cosmodent India, we practice advanced & skilled procedures and cater to patient needs based on the underlying cause of the condition.

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