Tooth Mobility is an indication of the condition of the supporting       structures,namely,the periodontium and usually is caused by inflammatory changes in the periodontal ligament,traumatic occlusion,loss of attachment or a combination of the three factors.

Tooth Mobility is observed by objectively moving the tooth using two instruments.

(Typically the back ends of dental mirror handles), with one instrument on the facial and the other on the palatal/lingual surface of the tooth.

  • Evaluation of tooth mobility.
  1. Grade 0: No Mobility.
  2. Grade 1: Increased mobility but less than 1mm in total.
  3. Grade 2: Pronounced increase,more than 1mm in total.
  4. Grade 3: More than 1mm displacement combined with a vertical displacement factors causing mobility of teeth.
  5. In case of severe periodontal inflammation (periodontists), due to calculus deposition and compromised oral health care.
  6. Excessive occlusal forces or premature contacts on teeth.
  7. Systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus , crushing syndrome etc.
  • Determination of the changes in occlusal mobility is necessary to evaluate a treatment protocol for the same.
  • Treatment for loose teeth. The Mobile tooth can be treating the cause first.
  • In case of traumatic occlision, relieve the traumatic occlusion and correct the bite.
  • Treat the gum infection by proper cleaning and curettage, in cases of compromised gum and bone condition.
  • Correction of the reduced bone level by adding bone grafts.

In case of 2 or grade 3 mobility, symptomatic relief can be given by splinting the loose teeth and restricting any movement.

If prognosis is poor, then the loose tooth/teeth have to be extracted and replaced ny dental prosthesis,viz dentures,dental bridges,implants etc.

At Cosmodent India, we have dealt with plenty of such cases and have been proficient enough to analyses each case and devise suitable treatment plans with the most conservative approach for the long term benefit of the patients.

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