Orthodontic Aligners

Everybody wants a great smile, but a lot of us need help getting there. More and more people are having success with clear orthodontic devices called aligners.

Braces use brackets connected by wires to encourage teeth to move. This is a bulky contraption. Aligners, however are a series of tight-fitting custom made retainers that slip over the teeth. Invisalign is the largest producer of clear aligners, but its not the only brand. others include- care aligners, veristic aligners, smart moves etc.

Who can opt for aligners?

Aligners aren’t for everyone. Because the invisible aligners are custom built for a tight fit, they are best for adults or teens and are typically used for patients who have mild or moderately crowded teeth or have minor spacing issues. Patients who have severe crowding or spacing problems may need more complex treatment and the course of treatment is usually decided by the orthodontist depending on various factors.

What are aligners made of?

Aligners are made from a clear plastic or acrylic material and fit tightly over the teeth, but can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing. Aligners are customized trays and a new tray is given every few weeks to continue moving the teeth into the desired position.

Duration of the treatment: 

Treatment time with invisible teeth aligners is based on how much the teeth need to be moved or rotated. the more your bite is off or the more crooked your teeth, the longer it will take. treatment usually takes between 10 to 24 months. Mild corrections, however can be corrected in a much shorter duration.

Why go for invisible aligners instead of braces:

  • Avoiding ‘metal mouth’ isn’t the only reason to choose a clear aligner. Unlike braces, aligners can be removed, making it easier to brush and floss well, that helps maintain better over all oral health.
  • Visibility: another reason for choosing clear aligners is because they appear invisible. This helps conceal the fact that the patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment, which can be embarrassing for some adults.
  • Poor hygiene habits with traditional braces also may result in swollen gums that can become problematic if the patient neglects to perform good oral hygiene. Swollen gums can lead to gingivitis, which if left untreated can lead to lifelong health problems.

At Cosmodent India, we have treated numerous patients with clear aligners and very promising results have been attained thereby increasing its credibility.

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