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Multiple Tooth Replacement in 5 days

Multiple Tooth Replacement in 5 days

Multiple Tooth Replacement Services Gurgaon, South Delhi, Bangalore

If you are suffering from the problem of multiple missing teeth then you are the right candidate for Multiple Tooth Replacement in 5 days. Dental experts at Cosmodent India make sure that the patients who visit them for this condition get the most effective treatment for this problem. We are driven by a team of highly experienced and qualified dental surgeons who have expertise in treating multiple missing teeth.

We, at Cosmodent India, offer Multiple Tooth Replacement in 5 days to patients having this problem.

If several teeth are missing in your mouth then multiple single tooth implants, done at Cosmodent India, makes for an effective replacement restorations. In case multiple teeth are missing within the same area then many multiple teeth can be replaced with fewer implants because dental implants are much stronger in comparison to the natural tooth roots. This is when Cosmodent India recommends implants fixed bridges as the treatment.

We understand that if an entire row of teeth is missing from your mouth then how difficult and challenging it can be for you. In conventional procedure, it is corrected by restoring missing teeth with a partial denture that can be easily removed. However, you can now restore full function by opting for the dental implants. Dental experts at Cosmodent India recommend a dental bridge only if a patient has one or two teeth missing.

When a row of teeth are missing towards the mouth back then a dental bridge is not the ideal option to consider. It is primarily because there is no tooth near the rear that can anchor it. Although a removable partial denture can be considered, it won’t be an ideal option too due to the leverage triggered by the heavy and strong biting forces that might happen in this situation. This is simply the perfect solution for dental implants.

In one of appointments, our dental experts would place the implants in the ridge. If row three teeth has to be replaced then teeth are attached together to make insertion process easy. They are made in Cosmodent India lab. Experts match it to the shadeof your teeth and are blended into the bite for effective function.

The final results of this procedure are simply outstanding as you will feel if you get back your natural teeth. You can schedule an appointment with Cosmodent India to learn more about this procedure.

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