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Bone Grafts

Dental Bone Grafts in South Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore

Your mouth does a lot of exercise that exerts pressure on bone and if it can’t support the implant then there will be no results of the surgery. In other words, the surgery would be a failure. If your jawbone is not too soft or too thick then chances are that you might be recommended bone grafting so that dental implant surgery can be done. At Cosmodent India, we have experience to perform bone grafting. We are one of the renowned dental clinics in India being driven by a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists. Cosmodent India is a modern day dental clinic equipped with best of the technology and equipment providing patients the most effective treatment.

When it comes to bone graft, the most common use is the application of dental implants that is done to restore the endentulous area of the missing tooth. Dental experts at Cosmodent India believe our patients should be well-informed of the dental implant procedure. Dental implants require bone underneath for proper support and integration inside the mouth.Those who have remained without tooth for a long time might have bone left in the area. In such a scenario, dental experts at the Cosmodent India take the bone from the chin, either from pilot holes or the iliac crest of the pelvis that has been placed into the mouth beneath the new implant. When a bone graft is implanted into the jaw, it does not fill in the void in the bone. This, in turn, helps the growth of the new bone in the area. We, at Cosmodent India, strive to make that surgery successful so that it can reinstate both width and height of the jaw bone.

There are different forms of bone graft that are performed at Cosmodent India and each is different in the way they lead to the bone formation.

Autogenous Bone Grafts – Commonly known as auto grafts, these are made from the patient’s own bones and harvested from a different body part. The common harvest sites comprise of the bone of the lower leg, chin, the skull, jaw or the hip. This particular type is considered as the gold standard as the graft material is a live bone having living cellular elements that promotes the bone growth.

Allogenic Bone - Also known as allograft, it is genetically derived from the member of the same species. A dead bone is harvested from a cadaver using the freezing method that soaks the water with the vacuum. This bone can’t produce bone on its own as it is neither osteoinductive nor osteogenic. It serves as a framework so that adjacent bony wall can grow to fill the void.

Along with the above mentioned two, dentists at the Cosmodent India have expertise to perform Xenogenic Bone process too. So, visit our clinic and be assured of the best dental treatment.