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Gummy Smile

Gingivectomy & Radio Surgery in Gurgaon, South Delhi, Bangalore

When you smile, a considerable amount of gummy portion is visible. It is a normal anatomy as long as upper portion of teeth is not overshadowed by gums only. If you think that your upper teeth appear too short in comparison to the amount of gingival tissue noticed when you smile then this is the tight time to visit dental experts at the Cosmodent India. We understand that people who have gummy smile become self-conscious of their smile and facial appearance. Dentists at Cosmodent India provide the best treatment for correcting this problem with periodontal and surgical procedures.

It is counted among one of the most common dental problems that can affect people of all age groups. Without any doubt, this condition can have negative affect on the aesthetics of your smile. Also known as excessive gingival display, it can be corrected with different procedures. The key to the successful treatment depends on the dentist you choose. Cosmodent Indiais driven by a team of highly qualified, experienced and trained dental surgeons who recommend the best treatment for patients suffering from gummy smile.

Gummy smile treating at Cosmodent India There are two ways in which this particular condition can be corrected Gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that is performed when amount of gum reduction is considered minimal as is the case with mild gummy smiles. During this surgical procedure, the dental surgeon at Cosmodent India removes the minimal amount of gum tissue using a dental laser. It is also known as radio surgery. It is a painless procedure and needs no sutures. Gum tissues heal within two to three weeks.

In case, the gum tissue is advances and needs an extensive tissue reduction then crown lengthening is the recommended procedure. It is also a painless procedure and each gum tissue is contoured around individual tooth. The tissue is lifted off the bone and placed in a new place. Tissues are sutured and take around a week or two to heal. Once tissues heal, sutures are removed. The new repositioned gums further take seven to eight weeks to heal before placing the final restorations. This procedure is further restored by treatment using either porcelain crown or veneers that are needed for achieving a curvy smile.

At Cosmodent India, we recommend the treatment option which is best for you. The entire procedure will be discussed so that you are aware of its benefits and risks.