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A dental crown is a “cap” or a cover that your dentist puts over a tooth in order to restore its normal size, shape, and function. A crown makes the tooth strong and improvise its appearance. Kids' crown also acts as a complete cover to prevent the baby tooth from any further bacterial attack or infection.


If the milk tooth is severely damaged by decay or trauma such that it involves tooth nerve, then it is mandatory to perform a root canal procedure over it, which is also known as pulpectomy.

Following pulpectomy, it is necessary to place a crown over baby tooth because it becomes so weak and chalky that it cannot resist the forces during biting or chewing. Hence, the crown on a baby tooth prevents it from fracture and helps to prolong its natural lifespan.

Adding on, kids Crown scan support and protect a baby tooth with a large filling when there isn’t much left of its natural structure.Kids Crown provides 360-degree coverage to an underlying baby tooth, preventing it from further decay.


There is a variety of baby tooth crowns available, from metal to tooth-colored ones. Type of kids crown varies on the position of the baby tooth (anterior or posterior) along with the availability of natural tooth surface for adequate support. Some of you may be looking for strength and for others, looks are important too. Pediatric dentist at Cosmodent India will carefully examine the baby tooth and suggest you the best crown accordingly.


Pediatric dentists at Cosmodent India believes in using superlative quality of kids crown that have unique strength and appearance with long term guarantee. Like:

3M™ ESPE™ Pedo Strip Crowns, Kids-e-Crown™, Kinder Krown™, Nu Smile ZR™ for Zirconia tooth-colored kids crowns, and 3M™ ESPE™, Hu-Friedy™, Unitek™ Primary for Pedo Stainless Steel Crowns.


Strip crowns are prefabricated, transparent, celluloid crowns forms used for baby front teeth.

Appearance: Tooth-colored, Moderate to good aesthetics
Duration: The Chairside procedure takes 15-20 minutes only.
Pain: It is usually a painless procedure.
Costs: Around INR 2500-3000/- per crown

Procedure: First your dentist will select a crown size appropriate to your child milk tooth. After this milk tooth is trimmed to accommodate a crown on it. Once the adjustment is made, strip crowns are cut a little and filled with white composite resin and then placed over the tooth. It is then light-cured and fixed. After this, the celluloid film can either be removed or left in place. Final adjustments can also be made in follow up visits.


Zirconia is one of the best-chosen material for kids' dental crowns. It mimics your natural tooth. Its strength and shine are unmatched. Zirconia kid's crown gives a more confident and natural smile. It can be placed over any baby tooth (front or back).

Appearance:tooth-colored, excellent aesthetics.
Duration: Chairside procedure takes 15-20 minutes only
Pain: It is usually a painless procedure.
       Costs: INR around 4000-6000/- per crown

       Procedure: kids dentist at Cosmodent will trim and slightly shorten the size of the baby tooth to accommodate the crown on it. After the margin is created, the right side of the zirconia crown is selected and fixed on the teeth with the help of luting cement.


Stainless steel crowns are very durable and are primarily used on molar teeth. These kids' crown can withstand high masticatory forces applied during chewing or biting. Their strength and durability are excellent.

Appearance: Metallic silver/ steel. Moderate to low aesthetics.
Duration: This chairside procedure takes 20-30 minutes.
Pain: Usually painless procedure, minor discomfort at gum level may occur.
Costs: around INR 3500-4000/-

Procedure: The pediatric dentist will first select the appropriate size of the steel crown matching the size of the baby tooth. After this, the baby tooth is trimmed to prepare margins and slightly shortened in height to accommodate the crown on it. Then the steel crown is trimmed and placed on the baby tooth to check for snap-fit. Finally, the steel crown is polished, contoured, and fixed on a baby tooth with luting cement.


Immediately after the procedure, it is normal for your child to feel minor discomfort. Some bleeding from gums is also expected. Since now the baby teeth are back in function, your child may face some adjustment issues while biting. But you need not worry, and just keep in mind the following instructions :

  • Avoid water intake for 30-45 mins as the cement takes time to become completely hard.
  • After the dental crown is placed, it is very important that your child avoids sticky or chewy foods for at least 2 days. Thus child should refrain from eating, candies, or chewing gums. Diet should be non-spicy and preferably cold.
  • Kids crown must be kept clean, especially along the gum line, or else they may become very red or sore.  Thorough brushing and oral hygiene by the child (or parent, if the child is under the age of 6) will prevent any further infection.
  • If your child has received a tooth-colored crown, do keep in mind that these are not natural teeth.
  • Although they are strong they are more likely to fracture if not cared properly. Hence, avoid biting into extra hard foods like apples or carrots directly from front teeth. Be careful while engaging your child into sports activities.
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