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Treating Cavities In Children

As a dentist, we frequently hear the statement, "The cavities are only on baby teeth, they will fall out." Although this is the case, the effects of these "baby" or primary teeth also have an impact on your child's current health and the need for future orthodontic (braces!!) therapy. Your child's primary (baby) teeth serve as "stand-ins" for their adult teeth. The alignment of the child's adult/permanent teeth is impacted when a primary tooth is lost earlier than is necessary.


A particular type of decay termed "Baby Bottle Degradation" (BBD) in newborns was characterized by decay linked to a nighttime bottle containing ANYTHING other than water. Fructose sugars from juices, lactose sugars from milk, and sugar sweeteners from soda and Kool-Aid all serve as a breeding environment for bacteria.

The more recent term is "Early Childhood Caries" (ECC), which includes age ranges past infancy to reflect a bigger age group where the primary causes are typical "sippy-cups," at-will nighttime breastfeeding, pacifiers with sweeteners, and frequently used teething-soothing liquids.

These sugars are consumed by bacteria in the oral cavity, which produces acids that erode children's teeth's already-fragile enamel. Brown spots on the outside of the front teeth are the normal appearance, which spreads to the back of the mouth. But it can happen to any tooth. Consult a dentist immediately if a parent sees brown patches on a child's tooth or teeth.


What do Parents do to prevent teeth decay or cavities in Children

For infants,

  •  gently wipe gums with a clean towel after the first meal and shortly before bedtime to remove germs and carbohydrates that could cause cavities.

  • As soon as your teeth erupt, clean them twice a day with water and a soft, small-bristled toothbrush.

  • Visit the dentist after your baby turns one year old to look for potential problems early.

  • As soon as your baby's first tooth erupts, examine it and consult your dentist about using fluoride varnish.

  • Never put your child to bed with a bottle or food in their mouth; doing so exposes their teeth to sweets and puts their health at risk.

For childer,

  • After age 2, you should floss your child's teeth every day.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste to twice daily brush your child's teeth.

  • Make sure your baby eats a healthy, balanced diet.

  • Limit your child's consumption of sweets and sticky foods, such as soda, cookies, candies, and candy.

  • Teach your kid to immediately gargle after meals.

  • Instill in them the value of good oral health.

If the above-mentioned steps are taken, tooth decay in kids can be avoided. If you notice any signs of tooth decay, consult Cosmodent India in Gurugram. Your child can grow up to have beautiful teeth and a healthy smile with the right care. We offer a variety of kid dental care procedures. The greatest pediatric dentist for your child's superior dental care is Dr. Komal. Make an appointment right away!

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