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Dental crowns : How to choose the best type for your needs

What is the Dental crown?

Today's modern period offers a variety of crown types that can meet your needs. A crown is a covering that is placed over a tooth and is shaped like a tooth. Only a dentist can remove it once it has been bonded onto the tooth. If you are missing one or more teeth, crowns can also be utilized to close the gap. The crown's functions include protecting the decayed tooth, strengthening it, and enhancing its alignment and aesthetics in the mouth.

An impression of the tooth is used to create crowns. Your dentist must make the tooth smaller before taking an impression in order to correctly fit the crown. In some situations, while the permanent one is being manufactured, a temporary crown is also inserted in case of necessity.

What are the different types of crowns?

Full Metal crowns

The crowns have always been constructed of yellow gold since antiquity. Nickel, palladium, and chrome are now employed in its place along with other contemporary biocompatible alloys. One of the most popular types of crowns is made of metal since they are durable and seldom break. For many years, it can bear biting and chewing forces with ease.

This sort of crown only needs a tiny amount of tooth to be removed in comparison to other types of crowns. Nowadays, patients with a small gap between their teeth when biting together use metal crowns. The greatest option for molars that are hidden from view is a metal crow

Porcelain fused to metal

The metal underpinning of these crowns is rather thin yet provides strength. These can be coordinated with the shade of the teeth next to them. Porcelain crowns, as opposed to all-ceramic ones, resemble natural teeth the most. The sturdy metal framework fits the prepared teeth flawlessly. On occasion, a dark line reveals the metal underneath the porcelain crown cover.

The porcelain crown has disadvantages as well, such as chipping and breaking off the crown. This kind of crown requires a sizable portion of your tooth to fit. More than other types of crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns raise the risk of gingivitis. Chewing it could damage your opposing teeth. These crowns can improve your appearance, but unlike other crowns, they cannot give you a flawless grin. When the gums are receding, this style of crown is not recommended.

Zirconia crowns

The titanium family includes the metal zirconia. These resemble porcelain bonded crowns in appearance. This man-made substance is incredibly strong, allows light to travel through it, and is biocompatible. Additionally, it comes in a variety of hues. Zirconium is one of the most used materials for dental crowns due to its endurance.

All-ceramic or All-porcelain Crowns

Compared to other types of crowns, these ones offer the closest natural colour match to your teeth. For those who are allergic to metal, these are a good option. All-ceramic crowns have a more natural appearance since they are made of no metal. These are completely reflective ceramic in construction. These crowns are an option for those who prefer something more cutting-edge and realistic-looking.

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