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Dental Implants or Dental Bridges: What Should You Choose?

Have you got your teeth damaged? Are you slowly slipping into lower levels of self-esteem owing to your crooked or missing tooth? Are you missing biting into your favorite fruit? Do you think twice before chewing and eating the food you have always liked, your favorite nuts or hard bread?

Dear reader, dental problems can arise due to a host of reasons. It includes - age, dental hygiene, any underlying health condition, periodontal disease, or accident. And, if you keep your dental issues back the line no matter why, the results could be damaging to your overall health.

Getting the Missing Tooth Back

As far as a missing tooth is concerned, you have got two options - dental implants and dental bridges. And, the tug of war between these procedures is more or less perpetual. Here, you need to understand one thing--  there is nothing called a good or a bad option. While both implants and bridges address the same dental concerns, the difference lies in their technical approaches.

Also, whether you should opt for an implant or a bridge depends on your needs and preferences. And who better than a dentist can help you with deciding on the right choice. So, find a reputable dentist in Delhi for cost-effective solutions.

However, before that, it is crucial to get a clear insight into what are dental implants and dental bridges and how they are different. Let's read on to learn more!

Dental Implant Vs. Dental Bridge - Let's Get the Meaning Right!

The basic structure of your tooth is quite intricate with nerves, bones, tissues, and everything in between.

Dental Implant - A dental implant is a metal (titanium) post that replaces the underlying structure of your tooth and acts like its root. Your dentist will perform a surgical procedure to fix the implant into your jawbone. In a couple of months, the implant will osseointegrate or fuse with the jawbone for better anchorage. Once your doctor has examined the fusion, he/she will screw a crown on the top of the structure and seal it.

Dental Bridge - As the name suggests, a dental bridge eliminates the gap between missing teeth and is supported by your natural teeth on both sides. It is a non-invasive process, in which although the gap is bridged, the false tooth structure is not fused to your jawbone.

Now that you know the basic difference between dental implants and bridges, you can take a look at which option would be the right one for you, depending on your needs! However, always remember, only a professional dentist can tell you about which you should choose.

The Location of the Problem-Tooth

When it comes to choosing between an implant and a bridge, your missing tooth's location matters a lot. If the problem-tooth rests in the back part of your mouth, you can opt for a bridge. It will not be visible when you talk or smile. However, if you need a tooth replacement for your front tooth, a dental bridge does not make the right choice. It will be pretty much visible and look unnatural. In light of the latter scenario, dental implants are highly recommended because these mimic your natural teeth and smile. Get in touch with your dentist in Delhi for more details.

The Health of Your Jawbone

When your tooth is extracted or comes out as a result of trauma or something else, your jawbone happens to shrink with time. It can lead to changes in your facial features. As the false tooth used in a dental bridge procedure is not fused with your jawbone, it can lead to loss of bone over time. However, when it comes to implants, these are fixed into your jawbone, and the continuous chew and bite movements prevent shrinkage of bone and further damage.

Time and Budget Constraints

If you have time and budget constraints, discussing the pros and cons of both treatments with your dentist in Delhi is crucial. The process of installing a dental bridge takes around two to three days for your dentist. And, as far as the dental implant is concerned, at Cosmodent India, owing to the cutting-edge tools and technologies they use, it can be done in three months or three days. In fact, you can also avail a single tooth implant in one day.

So, discuss your options, i.e., tooth in one day or tooth in three days, with your dentist beforehand. Also, although cost-effective, dental implants are a bit more expensive than dental bridges for obvious and good reasons.

Maintaining a Dental Implant over a Bridge

Taking care of dental bridges and implants is equally important and done. However, as far as long-term care is concerned, it is easier to maintain an implant than a bridge. The reason - an implant is fused to your jawbone. So, it does not require your healthy teeth to be ground or shaved to make way for it. It makes cleaning easy. However, when it comes to bridges, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth is shaved for squeezing in the bridge. So, you need to clean them more carefully.

Seek Medical Assistance

No two people are the same. So are their dental and tooth replacement needs. Only an experienced dental professional can guide you to the right option. If you are looking forward to getting dental implants in Delhi, Cosmodent India has got your back covered. They also extend their services to international patients with the same amount of care and compassion. No wonder their international client base is so happy with their services.

Most importantly, in light of the current world health scenario due to COVID-19, both national, as well as international patients, can seek dental assistance online via video conferencing with their implant surgeons, smile experts, and kids dentists, among others.

Is Dental Tourism on Your Mind? Go for It!

Do you live overseas? Are you skeptical of visiting a dental clinic owing to the super-expensive therapies? You are not the only one. There are many instances where people brush their dental problems under the carpet owing to the high cost of dental procedures. This trend is pretty common in western countries. According to a new study by the, as many as 61% of Australian people tend to postpone getting even basic dental treatment due to sky-rocketing costs.

Dentistry and Affordability Equates Cosmodent India

If you have been presented with a staggering bill for getting a tooth replacement and other concerning dental conditions, you can consider dental tourism wherein all roads lead to India. Cosmodent India is one of the most reliable dental clinics in Delhi that offer a range of dental services without burning holes in your pocket.

Cosmodent India provides a wide range of the best and most advanced treatments across the branches of dentistry at prices that are almost 50 to 60% less than other countries. Also, for the patients who are traveling, the dental facility hosts each of them properly. They not only take care of their dental treatments but also provide them with a complete package of accommodation, transport, in-house translator, and nearby excursions.

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