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More about Our Teeth in a Day Procedure

A missing tooth will negatively affect your appearance. Looking unattractive has a psychological impact as you may start feeling less confident. Fortunately, there are ways to end the problem and command attention once again.

Thanks to the remarkable improvement in science and technology, it is now possible to get a replacement for the extracted tooth. ‘Teeth in a Day Procedure’ is an effective treatment suggested by the best dental clinic in India to help you gain back your good look and self-esteem.

Medical Tests & Checkup before Surgery

The dentist suggests an X-ray image that reveals the current dental condition of the patient. It helps the dentist understand several crucial factors and take the decision. As a patient, you may even have to undergo CT scans if the dentist wants to have a clear view of the 3D image of your jawbone. The image will help the cosmetic dentists know the accurate position of the tooth and decide about the dental implants.

Once imaging and check-up are done, the dentist from the best dental hospital in India will perform a surgery to extract the tooth, shape bones and place the implant. The procedure involves no risk though only the highly skilled and experienced dentist performs such a surgery.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The dentist uses abutments to fix the temporary tooth. Such modification facilitates the primary healing process. The temporary tooth is extracted once the permanent one is prepared. The temporary tooth is not removed until 3 months. The dentists usually suggest a liquid diet for the first one and a half month.

As the dental implant surgery is performed by the expert doctors in the best dental clinic in Delhi, Bangalore and other major cities in India, you are most unlikely to feel any kind of inconvenience and discomfort in the post-treatment phase. After the osseointegration process is done, you will receive a permanent tooth. You don’t need to pay a frequent visit to the dentist and what is more, the surgery is done in just one day.

The tooth is made of durable material and therefore, it will not come out even if you consume food that is hard to bite or chew.


Tooth loss has a negative impact on our physical appearance and mental outlook. Tooth loss results into loss of supporting bone and it pimplantsuces dire consequences including aesthetics as well as functional problems. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry at Cosmodent India, you now have a chance to revamp your original appearance and confidence.

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