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Dr. Komal Nebhnani Ensures The Best Dental Care From Infancy to Adolescence

When your child turns two, it's time to visit a reliable pediatric dentist for complete oral health assessment. Here, choosing the best turns out to be of utmost importance, because though pediatric dentists in India perform similar dental procedures as general dentists, but they are equipped with specialized training and certifications to manage difficult behavioral situations and provide dental care treatment to infants, children, adolescents and little ones with physical or mental disabilities.

Dental Services By Renowned Pediatric Dentist Dr. Komal Nebhnani

Your search for a committed and professional pediatric dentist in India ends with Dr. Komal Nebhnani; known for her extensive experience in the field of kids’ dentistry. Dr. Komal implements exceptional measures to make sure that every child cherishes a pleasant dental experience. Being an alumnus from the prestigious DY Patil Dental College, Navi Mumbai and SGT University Gurgaon (Post Graduation), she is entrusted for encouraging kids to follow good oral habits which would lead to lifelong health.

She strongly emphasizes on prevention and delivers a broad spectrum of kids’ oral hygiene program to keep your child's teeth happy for a lifetime. The major kid's dentistry services include:

  • Comprehensive management and treatment of various developmental effects
  • Preventative care (on-time dental examinations, cleansing & oral hygiene, fluoride treatment)
  • Dental emergencies
  • Management of fear or anxiety while using general anesthesia or other such sedation
  • Interceptive and preventative orthodontic management

Dental needs of every child are unique and this can be effectively addressed when you choose Dr. Komal's profound pediatric services.

Choosing The Best Pedodontist For Your Child Matters

Scheduling timely visits to the dentist can be the key to maintaining good dental health and oral hygiene. Now, there are many factors that can improve a kid's overall experience at the dental clinic in Gurgaon, so discovering a dentist that you trust and need is essential. In order to ensure that you choose a perfect pedodontist for your child focus on specialized training, vital education for parent & child, comfortable environment.

Dr. Komal is trained in behavior modification, pharmacology and child psychology. She also undergoes training and certification to remain updated about recent developments in kids’ dentistry and care. Further, she explains oral hygiene, preventative care and other treatments to both kids and their parents in easy-to-understand and simple terms. Moreover, kids must feel safe and comfortable in the clinic, thus pedodontist make it a point to create a fun atmosphere where child can enjoy to their fullest.

Transforming Kid's Dental Visit into a Comfortable Experience

Children typically have a different response to their dental visit, and a child who is going to the dental clinic for the very first time might feel fearful or anxious. To alleviate this, Dr. Komal  Nebhnani - a qualified pedodontist uses psychological approaches based on the child's need, intellectual and emotional maturity, and the preference of parent.
Some of the key methods include:

  • Positive reinforcement, in this practice the pedodontist praise kids for their good behavior and encourage them to cooperate with the treatment that beneficial and harmless to them.
  • Tell-show-do, here the treatment is explained to the child in words that they are able to understand, and then showing it in a simplified way before the procedure begins.
  • Modify the volume or tone of voice to redirect attention or soothe the child. This also builds trust, and makes kids more confident about their dental treatment.

Apart from the fundamental psychological approaches, this reputed pedodontist facilities her treatment in a "kid-friendly" clinic at Cosmodent Teeth and Dermal Spa. The clinic features kid-sized furniture, lots of toys, games, animated walls and many more fascinating elements that would allow children to play down those nerves prior to the dental appointment.

Backed by Cosmodent's state-of-art infrastructure, Dr. Komal strives to offer dental practice of the highest standard and promotes a positive attitude in kids for future dental appointments.

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