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How to Make Most of Your Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign is good for those who are reluctant to opt for traditional wire braces and metal brackets. Invisalign, as a treatment to straighten your teeth, is more convenient and less painful. You can easily take it out before brushing your teeth and taking food, which is not possible with any of the traditional alternatives. Here are some effective tips on making most of your Invisalign braces used to straighten your teeth.

Wear it almost throughout the day

Invisalign produces the result only if worn most of the time in a day. If you are reluctant to wear your Invisalign at least 22 hours of a day, it is unlikely that you will get quick and positive results.

Follow the 48-hour instruction

Wear Invisalign as much as possible during the first couple of days of every single aligner tray. Most orthodontists suggest that the patients should take it out only before brushing teeth and taking food. Immediately after you are done with eating food and brushing tooth, it should go back to its place.

You should wear the Invisalign as much as possible but for the first 48 hours, the routine is more stringent.

Floss regularly

Most of you brush your teeth every day but what about routine flossing? Regular flossing is important if you are using Invisalign. Food particles easily stuck into the aligners and brushing may not remove all of these. That makes flossing an important part of your regular oral healthcare routine.

Change your aligners timely and properly

Your orthodontist will recommend when you should change your aligner. Follow the instruction for the best result. Also, make it a point to change the aligners properly. If you are using different trays not instructed by your dentist or changing it in an improper way, don’t expect your treatment to produce the faster and optimum result.

Try to get used to it

Most patients say that the aligners feel uncomfortable, especially during the first 48 hours of installation. The aligners may push against your teeth and that may cause discomfort. Though it will not cause any painful sensation, still you feel it as long as you are wearing the aligner. However, you should get used to it. Good news is you will feel its presence less and less with every passing day.

Aligners are less visible than braces and brackets

Those, who wear the aligners, usually complain that the trays are easily visible whenever they open their mouth and these are noticed by everyone they talk to. You will feel relieved to know that these trays are less visible than the traditional wires.

Learn, how to take care of aligners?

If you are wearing Invisalign, proper maintenance is important for your oral health. Clean it regularly. Flossing is also important to plucking out stuck food particles. Never use hot water for cleaning as it will damage your aligners. Lukewarm water and soap are fine for cleaning your trays. However, don’t use toothpaste for cleaning as it will leave scratch marks on the plastic, thereby making room for bacteria to breed.

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