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What is Invisalign Treatment and How Does it Work?

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Whether you look into the mirror and feel embarrassed about your crooked teeth, or are a parent who is worried about his/her child's improper teeth growth- no matter what the scenarios might be a common question often revolves in the mind: Is there something that can be done to fix the crooked simile? Are there any effective, less painful dental procedures for straightening teeth? Well, your dental miseries can certainly come to an end with advanced invisalign treatment.

Made from a series of clear, flexible & BPA-free plastic aligners (trays), Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic device designed to help you reveal a confident simile that you truly deserve. Just as a dental or mouth retainer (prevents teeth from shifting out of the desired place), invisalign helps in the perfect alignment of crooked, crowded or gapped teeth. The aligners are custom-made from computer generated molds taken by the dentist, offering a comfortable fit i.e. unique to each patient.

This cutting-edge teeth straightening dental procedure does not involve any wires or brackets, as a result of which you will never have to make any significant changes in your lifestyle and you can also eat what you love and floss & brush your teeth with optimal ease. However, an incredible benefit of invisalign that patients admire is that the aligners are transparent that makes them virtually invisible. People that you meet won't be able to notice that you're wearing braces and this gives you the results that you dreamed of without any kind of sacrifice.

How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?

Advanced Invisalign technology combined with the expertise of a reputable dentist creates a perfect treatment plan to unlock your healthy smile. The treatment consists of four key phases and these include:

1. Initial Consultation

Consulting a A specialized dentist is a critical aspect of the treatment. During the initial consultation, the dentist would take detailed records of:

  • Digital X-Rays
  • Photograph of Teeth and Face
  • Precise Digital Scan

This is where the existing conditions of the teeth are examined, the complexity of the treatment, and your expectations from the treatment are taken into consideration.

2. Taking Impressions To Create Custom-Made Aligners

After analyzing the records, dentists utilize advanced imaging technology for mapping out different stages of the alignment process. The images are used for taking impressions to create custom-built aligners. Since, all the teeth cannot be moved at once, the certified orthodontists straightens a few sets at a time. On an average, for adults the entire invisalign treatment process takes about 12 months (based on the severity of the case), while in the case of teenagers the timeframe often varies.

3. Positioning Different Set of Aligners

Once the impressions are transformed into customized trays, you are ready, to begin with the straightening process. Each set of trays must be worn for a period of two weeks, after which you will graduate to a new set until the teeth are positioned completely to the final spot, letting you reveal a picture perfect smile.

During this period, you live your life just the way you want and when there are clear aligners by your side there's nothing that can stop you.

4. Periodic Checkup in Every 6 Weeks

To evaluate the progressions made, you must visit the dentist every 6 weeks. In certain cases, patients might need retainers at the end of the treatment, so as to keep their teeth locked in the new position. Moreover, it's equally important to follow-up with your regular teeth cleaning appointment to make sure that no unwanted dental problems occur during the treatment.

5. Conquer Your Best Smile

Upon successful completion of the treatment, you'll fall in love with your new beautiful smile. This bestows a new sense of confidence and adds a spectacular aura to your personality. No more hiding those imperfect teeth from photographs or spotlight.

The true potential of Invisalign can only be experienced when you choose a promising dental clinic in Gurgaon. Cosmodent, India a the reliable dental clinic specializes in the highest quality Invisalign treatment and holds the reputation of serving many patients with remarkable results. Backed by a credible team, the clinic specializes in cases that range from mild to complex aligners incorporating high-tech equipment that reduces treatment time by up to 30%.

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