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Get Painless Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore

A root canal is typically a treatment that is used to repair and retain a badly decayed or infected tooth. This treatment can be done anywhere but Cosmodent India is the best dental clinic in Bangalore for this purpose. Cosmodent has a highly experienced team of dentists and the latest technology that makes it one of the most reputed dental clinics for root canal treatment in Bangalore.

During the root canal procedure, the pulp and the nerve are removed and the inner part of the tooth is cleaned and completely sealed. It eliminates the existing infection and protects the tooth from any future microbial invasion. A root canal is considered to be an extremely painful procedure. It requires 3-4 visits to the dentist and is amongst the most common but most dreaded dental procedures.

Trust only the best dentist in Bangalore at Cosmodent India for all your dental healthcare needs. With Cosmodent, you need not be afraid of that dreaded drilling sound and agonizing experience of the root canal procedure. We offer a quick and painless root canal treatment and promise a smooth experience for our patients. Our highly skilled dentist in Bangalore will ensure that you get the best of treatments with maximum ease.

Our expert root canal specialists take the utmost care to make you feel at ease throughout the procedure. Not only this, but we also have the most advanced tools and technologies that ensure that the modern root canal treatment is not that invasive. We use specially designed instruments made up of nickel and titanium instead of the conventional stainless steel hand instruments that have the capability of cleaning the root canal properly without damaging the roots.

By providing a perfect root canal treatment, we aim to remove the contaminated pulp from the root canals and replace it with a suitable filling material. After the capping is done, your tooth becomes strong once again.

The cost of root canal treatment in Bangalore varies according to the quality of the dentist and dental clinic. But we offer this treatment at a very affordable cost with all the ultra-modern facilities so that it does not pinch your pocket.


How will I come to know that I need a root canal treatment?

The symptoms that indicate the need for root canal treatment are pain while chewing or biting food, pain while eating very hot and cold foods, discoloration of the tooth, oozing out of pus from the tooth or gums, swelling of the gum etc.

Is capping essential after a root canal treatment?

A cap is often fitted on the treated tooth to keep it strong and to save it from any further damage. However, a dentist is the best person to take a decision over it.

Can I have a root canal treatment during pregnancy?

Definitely you can. It does require a small X-ray but the exposure to the radiation is minimal and is aimed only at the mouth.

Cosmodent India is a renowned dental clinic in Bangalore providing quality dental health care services and forming a relationship based on trust and confidence with their patients.

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