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4 Crucial Factors That Determine Root Canal Treatment Cost in Delhi

The root canal is an endodontic treatment performed when the pulp of the teeth (soft connective tissues composed of blood vessels and nerves) is infected or inflamed. It is one of the most common dental procedures used for preserving the natural structure of the affected teeth. Cosmodent India, a renowned dental clinic provides the finest facilities for quick and hassle-free RCT and other standard dental procedures under one roof. There are several situations where you might require root canal treatment (RCT), including:

  • Faulty crown
  • Deep decay
  • Crack or chip in the tooth
  • Gum diseases

Like most the standard dental procedures, root canal treatment cost in Delhi is based on a host of factors, and analyzing them is important to determine what would be the exact cost of the treatment. Wondering what they are? Read ahead to find out more!

What Influences the Cost of Root Canal Treatment?

There are four crucial factors that have an impact on the cost of RCT performed by the best dentist in Delhi, and these are explained below:

1. Severity of the Case

The cost of the treatment is fundamentally influenced by the severity of the case. For instance, if RCT is needed for more than one tooth, then the cost would be higher as well. This is primarily because the complexity of the case increases, where dentists have to handle teeth present at different locations at the same time.

2. Equipment

Thanks to the introduction of advanced technology, dentistry today have evolved to a dramatic extent. With the help of modern tools and equipment, procedures like root canals are now faster and most importantly less painful. Though the high-tech instruments cost just about 10-20 percent more than traditional methods, their benefits absolutely make them worthwhile.

3. The Dentist You Choose

The service charges of every dentist are not the same. This is why, a good practice is to consult with a dentist in Delhi, get yourself examined, and then discuss the average cost that will be involved in the process. You can even compare the services of various dental practitioners based on their experiences, range of services, and reviews by previous clients, and then ultimately select a potential one for RCT.

4. Dental Insurance

When you are backed by dental insurance, a portion of the treatment cost can be covered depending on the details of the plan. However, for this, you must consult with the dental hospital beforehand to check whether their services are covered by the insurance company or not.

In the event, your dentist recommends a root canal never assume it would be an expensive deal. Remember Cosmodent India, the best dentist clinic in Delhi works with the goal of securing your teeth to the root and that too at a reasonable value.


How many visits are needed for root canal treatment?

On average, two dental visits are required for successful RCT. In the first appointment, the injured or inflamed tooth pulp is extracted and in the second the canal is cleaned to perfection and filled using a crown.

Do dental hospitals in Delhi tailor dental plans for RCT?

Dental plans are curated by a leading dental hospital in Delhi according to the condition of your tooth and the specific requirements that you have. With this, Cosmodent India ensures the speedy and pain-free recovery of patients.

Will the dentist in Delhi quote the cost of a root canal beforehand?

To help patients make an informed decision, Cosmodent India provides no-obligation quotes to patients, highlighting each and every aspect such as consultation charges, X-rays, anesthesia, or other important medications.

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