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Teeth are often the most underrated and least cared for assets. Shapely, shiny white and well-maintained teeth change the look of your smile and transform the whole face. A perfect smile not only lights up your face, but it also adds to your confidence and makes people perceive you as a friendlier person. Taking routine care of your teeth also involves visiting the dentist for checkups so that in the future you can avoid root canal treatment costs in Delhi. Without proper care cavities can develop, which starts at the top white enamel, follows into the next layer, dentine, and hits the sensitive pulp, which contains the nerve endings, leading to pain and sensitivity. A root canal is the only way left when you let the cavity reach this point. Healthy teeth prolong your physical health as it is the first step in the process of digestion, which makes it even more essential to get them checked professionally. If you do not have a regular dentist currently, just a google search on the best dentist near me will offer you a number of amazing doctors you can visit locally. There are several reasons why a dentist’s visit is necessary.

Routine Checkup

Our teeth are often affected by the differences in temperature and weather. Thus, they are more prone to damage, pain, and discomfort with the change of seasons. You might notice a slight sensitivity when the temperature dips at the onset of winter. Moreover, our diet also changes as per the weather as it is often seen people consume a greater quantity of tangy beverages in summer, while they indulge in desserts during winter. If you have cavities, this seasonal change in diet often tends to aggravate the condition. Thus it is highly recommended to see your dentist every three to six months, depending on how well your teeth are.


It is recommended by dentists that you brush twice a day, floss every day, and wash your mouth every time you eat. It helps keep your teeth clean and takes off any food particles or simple stains off your teeth. However, this is unfortunately not enough as brushing and flossing only takes care of the particles on or between the teeth only. Often food particles get stuck in gum pockets and areas it is harder for the floss to reach. This causes a buildup of tartar, plaque, and bacteria. It is from these that cavities start. To prevent further damage and subsequent root canal treatment cost in Delhi, it is best to go for a professional dental cleaning twice a year. A professional will examine your teeth, take X-rays, if necessary and remove all tartar and plaque buildup thoroughly.

Polishing and Whitening

If you want picture-perfect white, shiny teeth, you need to visit a dentist for professional polishing. This makes use of a mildly abrasive polishing material that takes the dullness right off the enamel of the teeth and offers it a nice, bright shine. A good dental clinic India offers will provide you a simultaneous dental cleanup and polishing that lasts about six months.

Besides polishing, you can also opt for teeth whitening, which is better suited for those with stains. This process makes use of a gentle exfoliating agent that binds with the stubborn stains and removes them from your teeth with no damage to the enamel. With high-quality HD whitening, you see an instant 2-3 shades brighter teeth. Whitening is best done before an event so that you get the perfect smile on the big day.

Pregnancy Checkup

Pregnancy causes a number of changes in the body and alters several hormone levels, which can cause pregnancy gingivitis with bleeding gums, increased sensitivity, pain, and even loose teeth.  Thus, it is absolutely essential to visit the dentist for prenatal counseling in every trimester. It is particularly important in the second trimester to make the necessary changes in toothpaste, mouthwash, diet for better care. Regular checkups and cleaning in this phase will prevent dental issues post-delivery. For those who are struggling with mouth issues, other than regular checkups it is mandatory to visit the dentists as soon as the slightest problem is seen.

Geriatric Checkup

With advancing age issues such as attrition and abrasion, enamel fracture, increased sensitivity, tooth calcification, gum recession, and slowing down of the regeneration of the jawbones occur, which lead to teeth pain, sensitivity and even falling out. In order to prevent these issues, senior individuals should visit their dentists every three months for regular checkups. It can help protect teeth and gums before it is to the lady for the body and the bones to respond to treatment. In case of dental trouble visit the emergency room of any dental clinic India has, to get immediate medical attention. Teeth get weaker with age, and hence urgent preventative actions are essential.

Routine checkups will keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Diabetics, smokers, those who have autoimmune disorders or consume specific medications are at greater risk and should be under dental care regularly. Now that you know, fire up your Google to find the ‘best dentist near me and get your teeth checked before any further delay.

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