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Increasing Kids Dental Issues and How To Prevent Them

Proper dental care begins even before your child's first tooth appears. Though you may not notice them, teeth develop right from tri-semester of pregnancy and when kids are born they have 20 primary teeth in a well-developed jaw. Often it is seen that due to lack of dental care children tend to experience several oral hygiene issues. Dr. Komal Nebhnani, a leading pediatric dentist from Cosmodent Teeth and Dermal Spa, India is proficiently trained to handle issues involving your child's teeth and gums. As, if dental issues are left untreated, they cause discomfort, chronic infections and many more complications when the child grows.

To take good care of kid's oral health, parents should look out for common dental issues for kids and then provide the best possible solution to them.

Tooth Decay

The tooth cavity is one of the most adverse dental problems affecting children of all age groups. While it develops at a slow pace, they occur more often in toddler's teeth than parents would realize. Several studies also reveal that over 30% of children between the ages of three to five are affected by tooth decay at least once.

Solution: Dealing with cavities is not a simple task. You will not be able to detect them with naked eyes, especially during the early stage. This is the reason why pedodontists often emphasizes on regular cleanings; as if cavities are identified early then filling would easily resolve the issue. However, getting a pediatric crown becomes necessary for severe cases.

Early Gum Disease

Most of the parents have a misconception that gum disease is only seen in adults, yet the truth is far from that. It can affect kids too! Gingivitis (gum disease) leads to inflammation of the gum tissues which progresses to tooth loss and bone damage. Again, poor oral hygiene is considered to be the culprit behind this condition. When you notice that your child's gums are swollen, red or feel tender then the gums must be treated immediately before they turn into a major dental problem.

Solution: Gum diseases can be kept at bay when kids practice good oral habits such as brushing teeth twice a day, washing mouth after consuming acidic, sticky or sugary foods and consuming an optimal amount of water.

Halitosis or Bad Breath

From salty chips to sweet delicacies, kids love to munch on something or the other. Now, these foods often stick to the teeth and cause a buildup (plaque) of bacteria in the mouth. With time, as the particles decompose they deteriorate the teeth and also produce bad breath. Remember: specific food items like garlic or onion create bad breath temporarily, but the consistent bad smell could be a sign of serious dental problems.

Solution: A strict no-no to sugary, salty and sticky foods. Though these types of foods are often loved by kids for their taste, however, they should always consume them in a limit. Excessive consumption would only trigger lethal oral issues.

Sensitive Teeth

Does your child say that his/her teeth hurt while eating ice-cream or a hot drink? Well, if irritation or pain occurs due to cold or hot food then this is an alarming sign of sensitivity. Over time, their gums might recede or the enamel gets worn out, exposing teeth' interiors and sensitive nerve endings. As a matter of fact, breathing hot or cold air even becomes difficult for kids who are suffering from teeth sensitivity.

Solution: Sensitivity in kids is often a result of either one or more underlying dental issue. For example, if gum diseases where not treated on time then this would lead to sensitivity in teeth. Therefore, always check for warning signs and fix an appointment with a specialized pediatric dentist India immediately to reduce the risk of sensitivity.

Tooth Misalignment

Malocclusion (bite that does not meet the upper and lower jaw correctly) could be inherited or in certain cases might be acquired due to injuries. Major causes of this condition are crowded teeth, missing teeth, misaligned jaw or extra teeth. Developmental issues like thumb or finger sucking and accidents may also result into malocclusion.

Solution: Regular visits to the dentist are a great solution to treat malocclusions on time. Dr. Komal, who specializes in pediatric dental treatment, often examines developing teeth during regular visits and then provides orthodontic treatment for effective alignment.

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