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Modern dental treatments are like a boon for people having dental problems. These not only restore the damaged teeth but also restore the natural appearance of the face and the lost confidence of the patients. Cosmodent India has emerged as the best dental clinic in Gurgaon with the highly skilled team of specialists and state- of- the- art multispecialty clinic. The clinic has all the modern facilities and the most advanced dental technologies to ensure a comprehensive oral healthcare experience for the patients.

Cosmodent India boasts of having the most experienced team of dental professionals and an amicable staff to provide the best treatment and care. At Cosmodent India, you can get the best child dentist in Gurgaon along with the best cosmetic dentist in Gurgaon. Their specialists offer the finest medical aid including braces treatment and dental implants at the most competitive prices.

Dental braces are actually wire-based appliances that are used by orthodontists to correct misaligned or crowded teeth or jaws. Braces treatment is usually provided in the early teenage years but can also be given to adults as well. Cosmodent India offers the most promising braces treatment in Gurgaon that helps in aligning the teeth and jaws properly to produce a pleasing smile and an even bite.

For minor corrections, invisible braces or clear aligners are used that are removable and can be customized as per the requirement. They are used as they give out a more acceptable appearance but at times, people need fixed braces only to correct certain dental problems.

Dental implants are another one of the most important dental treatments provided by good dental clinics. You can get the dental implants in Gurgaon at any dental clinic but the quality and ease of treatment matter a lot. Cosmodent India brings for you the finest dental implants by the most experienced dental surgeons in a quite smooth manner.

A dental implant is typically a replacement for the teeth roots. Once in place, the cosmodent dentists can mount the replacement teeth (crown) upon them. They are made up of titanium and titanium alloys and fuse with the bone that holds the teeth. They last long and maintain the correct facial structure by preserving the facial bones.


How long do the braces take for correcting the teeth alignment?

On average, the orthodontic treatment takes around 16 to 18 months but in a few cases, it may extend till 24 months or even more.

Are braces a purely cosmetic treatment?

Braces, in addition to giving you a beautiful and confident smile, keep plenty of oral health problems at bay. They make chewing easy and result in less gingivitis and fewer cavities.

Do dental implants look like natural teeth?

Dental implants are the best and the most natural-looking teeth replacement option. Nobody can come to know that you have a dental prosthesis by just looking or touching it.

For all your dental problems, you can completely rely on Cosmodent India as they provide personalized oral health care solutions and believe in a long-lasting association with their patients that is based on empathy, trust, and confidence.

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