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What is the Cost of Various Dental Treatments in Delhi?

When it comes to the price of treatment, Cosmodent India is one of the dental clinics in Delhi with the best cost for various dental treatments. We believe that everyone should receive top class dental facilities and treatments without breaking their pocket.

Cosmodent India introduces the best cost for various dental treatments in Delhi.

Let’s take a look at the price of dental consultation and treatments in Cosmodent India - Delhi.

Cost of general dental health checkups and treatments.

These are some of the minimum expenses you face when you visit a dentist. At Cosmodent India- Delhi, because of the fact that we care about the better oral health of the community, we have kept our consultation charge as low as RS 500 (US$10.00). We believe this will help every patient to receive a comprehensive dental check. Once dental x-ray will const our patients just RS200 (US$5.00).

Check out a full list of costs of general dental checkups and treatments here.

Cost of a dental implant in Delhi
Dental implants are normal nowadays, patients across India started to understand the importance of getting that missing tooth fixed. Dental implants solve not only the aesthetic issues but also solves a lot of issues that can be caused by the absence of functionality of a tooth. Dental implants cost at Cosmodent India - Delhi starts from as low as Rs20,000 (US$400.00) to Rs40,000(US$600.00). We only use dental implants from top-class brands such as Ossteum, Simpladent, Noble, and Straumann.

Check out a full list of costs of Dental Implant here.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Delhi
Root canal treatment is one of the most common and best treatments for dental infection. At Cosmodent India we have the most experienced dentist to give you relief from that excruciate pain due to that decayed tooth

The cost of root canal treatment is dependent on the type of treatment you are going for. The prices range from Rs3,000 to Rs8,000 (US$70.00 – US$90.00)

Cost of cosmetic dental treatments in Delhi
Being able to smile with confidence is one of the precious things we get in our life. If you can gift yourself a great smile, by correcting that crooked teeth with braces or Invisalign or by getting that stained tooth whitened, etc. Check out a full list of costs of cosmetic treatments here.

Cost of child dental treatments in Delhi
Parents care about their children, and we want to make it easy for parents to take care of their child's oral health. Better oral health means the prevention of any dental condition at an early age. A regular visit to a dentist is crucial to make sure your child’s oral health is in better condition. At Cosmodent India- Delhi the charge for child dental treatments ranges between Rs500 - Rs 25000 (US$12 - US$365).

Check out a full list of costs of child dental treatments here.

Also, Check out our various Dental Treatment Packages to save a lot of money and to get the best for you and your family.

Availing a dental treatment in Delhi is never expensive if you identify it and get the treatment done in the early stages. Negligence will cost more in the case of your teeth. We have made it easy for you to get dental treatment by making the price very reasonable, now it’s your chance to provide yourself better dental health. Contact us now.

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