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How to Protect Teeth During Winters?

Despite being one of the most essential parts of our body, teeth don’t get the necessary attention it deserves. Perhaps we are unable to grasp its importance. Like you have a skin routine, your teeth need one too for it to remain healthy. And, just like your skin and body needs a little extra TLC (Tender Love and Care) during winters, your teeth do too. A healthy mouth is what leads to a healthy body. So, let’s not neglect our pearly white teeth anymore. So, how can you take care of them? Keep reading.

Can Cold Weather Hurt Teeth?

When it is too hot or too cold, your teeth also expand and contract a little. When this continues for a long time, it leads to cracks where microscopic tubes below the enamel can also get exposed. And this leads to toothache. However, along with excellent dental hygiene, it is also necessary to ensure you are prepared for tooth sensitivity, such as using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. You may also want to consult the best dentist in Delhi to keep your teeth happy and clean.

Have a Daily Routine

Winter welcomes a host of ailments, including sore throat, cold, and cough. But, amidst all of it, make sure you prioritize your dental hygiene too. This is because all the bacteria that cause many of these ailments reside in the oral cavity. Good dental hygiene stops the movement of these harmful bacteria within your body preventing these ailments. So while you tuck yourself in blankets and sip on all the homemade medicines that your loved ones give you, don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly and meet your dentist too.

Make a Note Of What You Eat

Winter is the season for a plethora of festivals and parties. Therefore, you must make a note of what you eat and how it might affect your teeth. The sugary and acidic food that tastes oh-so-delicious at that moment can actually harm your teeth. So, what can you do? Eat-in limitation, and brush your teeth after consuming all the sugary stuff because sugar can affect the enamel and can also lead to tooth sensitivity. Again, try to stay away from carbonated drinks as it can erode the outer layer too.

Flu-Time Dental Care

During winters, it is easy to contract the flu because of the rapid weather ups and downs. And one of the symptoms of flu is nausea. We understand, while fighting with this illness, dental health is the last thing on your mind. However, if you ever vomit, it is important to rinse your mouth with a mouth wash because the acidic nature of the vomit can lead to dental erosion. If you have any damaged tooth, it may hurt even more when you are ill. You may want to consider researching the root canal treatment cost in Delhi and mark the expense on your monthly budget.

Don’t Over Brush

To ensure good dental hygiene, it is important not to over-do it. Consider the Rule of Two for your brushing needs. You need to brush twice a day for two minutes. When you over brush, it can rub the enamel and cause teeth sensitivity. Therefore, you can have a routine where you brush once in the morning and once at night. You should also discard your toothbrush for a new one every two months.

For Sensitive Tooth

If you are someone who is already suffering from sensitive teeth, then make sure you always breathe only through your nose and not your mouth because cold air aggravates sensitivity. Teeth grinding during winter can lead to teeth attrition that can increase teeth sensitivity during cold weather. If you are suffering from teeth sensitivity, do make a point to meet the best dentist at Cosmodent where they can apply an anti-sensitivity coat on your teeth. This coating provides immediate relief from sensitivity.

Also, it would help if you changed the way you brush your teeth. First, opt for a soft-bristled brush as your enamel is already delicate, then make use of a toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth. If you are confused about which brand works for you, you can either talk to your dentist or choose something with sensitivity relief and cavity protection.

Your Gums Need Attention Too

Apart from your teeth, your gums need an extra bit of attention too. Why? The cold and flu germs that make you sick can also cause gum infections, especially if you are already susceptible to any gum condition. So, apart from brushing twice a day, make sure you keep a check on the gums to notice any inflammation or redness. If that’s the case, you must consult your dentist immediately. Also, keep your hands or fingers away from your mouth. Finally, rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash (a mild one) twice a day.

Drink More Water

You need to ensure that you are drinking plenty of water. If you don’t drink enough water, your body can become dehydrated, and the production of saliva goes down. When there is a lack of saliva, it becomes the perfect habitat for the bacteria to grow, causing tooth decay and gum infection. Therefore keeping yourself hydrated during winters should be a priority.

Keep Your Neck Warm

When it is too cold, make sure you don a scarf as it can protect your teeth and jaw also. This is especially a good idea if you breathe through your mouth because you can then do it through your scarf, protecting your teeth.

Don’t Smoke Or Use Tobacco

Tobacco stains teeth, which means the chances of contracting a gum infection becomes higher. Also, smoking can aggravate sensitive teeth as you suck in the air. So, if you are already suffering from a sensitive tooth, then cut back on smoking as it will not only cause tooth irritation but can also affect your tooth.

So, these were some of our tips to take care of your teeth. We hope it helps you.

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