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Tips for Taking Care of Your Dental Health During COVID-19 Lokdown

Cosmodent's Komal Nebhnani Shares Tips for Taking Care of Your Dental Health During COVID-19 Lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak has taken the entire world by storm. The diseases, also referred to as COVID-19 has infected hundreds and thousands of people around the globe including that of the children, youth and the elderly population. In the wake of the widespread increase in the number of coronavirus cases in India and worldwide, the Indian government announced a 21-day lockdown on the 24th of March 2020. As a result, every individual in India today is witnessing a total lockdown and have been confined to their homes. Experts around the globe are of the opinion that only social distancing and staying at home are the two ways to keep oneself safe and alive.

Given the above scenario, many patients are unable to visit Cosmodent-the premier dental clinic in India for adequate dental treatment. However, Dr.Komal Nebhnani, who is an MDS-Pedodontist and a highly renowned Pediatric Dentist based at Cosmodent's Dental Clinic Gurgaon center has some useful suggestions for those who want to take good care of their teeth during the coronavirus lockdown period. Read on to check out some of her useful tips to keep your teeth healthy and shining despite the COVID-19 lockdown period.

1. Brush Your Teeth Two Times in a Day

One of the first tips that you need to keep at the back of your mind is to brush your teeth at least two times a day. Once before you have your breakfast and the second time before going to the bed. You must use a soft and small-sized toothbrush and brush the margins of your teeth along with the gums to get rid of the plaque and bacteria.

2. Opt for a Fluoride Based Toothpaste

The second most useful tips that can be well observed at home is to switch to a fluoride-based toothpaste. Fluoride, when applied topically on the teeth, helps in making them stronger and more resistant. In fact, it is helpful in reversing tooth decay. However, make sure that you use a toothpaste that is much in accordance with your age.

3. Use hydrogen peroxide or saltwater based mouthwash

A good way to take appropriate care of your teeth is to use a mouthwash. It is helpful in disinfecting your teeth and gums, especially during times when the corona pandemic is on the rise. Several studies indicate that saltwater or hydrogen peroxide-based mouthwashes come with antiviral properties that may be helpful in killing viruses like the coronavirus. Remember, these viruses are known to be living in the throat and mount for typically a period of 4 days or more.

4. Use Floss or Interdental Brushes

It is difficult to clean in between your teeth, which is why using floss or interdental brush is a good idea. This will help you to clean the inner surface of the teeth appropriately and you will also be able to take care of your teeth.

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