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Are My Toddler's Teeth Healthy- Analyzing The Signs of Dental Problems

If thought that your child is too young for a dental appointment then think again. Those tiny pearly whites are exposed to chronic dental problems even before your little one has tasted his/her first sugary treat! However, not every child develops decay or associated oral issues, so what exactly is the key to healthy kid’s teeth, and most importantly are your toddler’s teeth at their best condition?

Brushing, flossing and regular visit to the pedodontist in Delhi have remained to be the ultimate secret to ensuring a bright and healthy smile. But, apart from committing to the basics of oral care for toddlers, there are few critical facts that you need to know so as to evaluate whether their teeth is presently at a good condition or not.

Common Dental Problem Signs To Watch Out For

There are four simple dental problem signs that parents should carefully observe to analyze the condition of their toddler's teeth.

1. Reluctant to eat food

Children who experience teething are often reluctant to eat food. They even seem to cry a lot and often pull their ears on the side where their teeth are coming through. Parents who are concerned about teething can try:

  • Providing something that toddlers can easily bite like toothbrush, dummy or cold teething ring
  • Feeding firm foods such as sugar-free cracker or any other item that they can suck on
  • Cooking soft and mushier foods that require minimal chewing

2. Complains about painful jaw

Pain in jaw or tooth can be a serious warning sign that something is not right. This could be due to a number of reasons including grinding of teeth, decay or sensitivity. It's usually common for toddlers to grind their teeth while they are asleep and this continuous grinding damage the teeth, as a result of which they might suffer from tooth & jaw pain along with headaches. Similarly, decay and sensitivities and other possibilities cause microscopic damage in teeth and irritate the nerves.

If the problem persists and you are concerned about your child's oral health then consulting with a qualified pediatric dentist in India is the best move.

3.Toothache while eating food

Toothache is an obvious symptom of decay. This occurs when bacteria feed on sugary substances and produce harmful acid which deteriorates the structure of teeth. In addition to this, it also builds plaque that further erodes the enamel.
Tooth decay causes serious infection and ache, and in adverse cases can leave its impact on your toddler's growth. The longer it stays unaddressed, the more your child will suffer from:

  • Higher risk of decay in adult or surrounding baby teeth
  • Discomfort and pain
  • More expensive and complicated treatment
  • Anxiety during dental visit, as they begin to associate the pain with dentists
  • Along with pain, during advanced stages, gums appear swollen and red and blackened areas present on the teeth become visible.

4. Experiences dry mouth

Dry mouth can either be a side-effect of a particular medication or a medical disorder. Here, parents must realize that saliva acts as a major defense mechanism against tooth decay. It is responsible for washing away accumulated food particles and neutralizes the acids that are produced by dental disease causing bacteria.

When your child complains about dry mouth then this could be due to minimal consumption of water. Make sure that they drink at least 5 glasses of water per day, as this would dramatically restore moisture in their mouth.

How To Heal Toddler's Teeth Effectively?

Early diagnosis is critical for effective and successful dental treatment. This is the reason why parents should make sure that comprehensive periodontal exam is incorporated in their toddler's regular dental visits. Though you might be worried that your toddler's visit to the pediatric dentist, but things would work smoothly when you count on Dr. Komal Nebhnani - a specialized pedodontist at Cosmodent India meticulously examines your child's precious teeth and provide the Dental Care Gurgaon for maintaining good oral health. 

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