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Should I Get Dental Veneer? A Detailed Guide On Veneers And Their Pros & Cons

Have you always envied the picture-perfect smile that celebs and popular social media influencers have? We are here to let you into the biggest secret behind these perfect pearly whites and how you can achieve them too. If you go to any good dental hospital in Delhi or a quality dental clinic Delhi has, you will be surprised to see how common veneers are in today’s world and they are the hottest choice for the most perfect smiles! Now, that you know, let us get into what they actually are, and whether you should get it or not.

What Is A Veneer?

A veneer or dental laminate is simply a light shell shaped like teeth. These are fitted over your natural teeth to give a perfect look. Veneers can be used to correct a wide range of issues such as chipped or broken teeth, or for cosmetic purposes such as stained, misshapen, or shorter teeth. While traditional veneers used to be made of porcelain, going to the best dentist Delhi has, will get you higher quality veneers such as high shine, and more durable ceramic. You can get a veneer fitted for any individual teeth that needs a better look. But the most common choice of veneers is for the front six to eight teeth so that they all align well and look perfect together.

Application Procedure

It is now possible to buy extremely pocket-friendly home application veneers that you can apply by yourself using dental glue, which can come with the pack or you can purchase separately. However, these are temporary, and best used for an instant new smile for photos and videos. 

There are a number of no-prep veneers, such as Lumineers and Vivaneeres, which take little to no preparation and work to fit. These are also less invasive to apply. 

However, for a more durable and permanent solution, fitting a veneer requires a simple, minimally invasive procedure. It involves grinding down your natural teeth to fit the veneers on them. These are then bonded to the teeth using permanent bonding methods. It is highly recommended that you try to get yourself to the best dentist Delhi offers for minimal damage and perfect application.

Pros and Cons

If you are considering getting veneers but are worried about what it means for your teeth, here is a list of pros and cons that will help you make the decision.


Natural Perfect Smile

A good quality veneer looks completely natural and they even mimic the light reflecting ways of natural teeth. It is impossible for anyone to tell them apart. Using veneers you can get a picture-perfect smile without taking the hassle of braces or other cosmetic procedures to change the actual look of your teeth.

Stain Resistant

Veneers are made of highly stain-resistant materials. As long as you follow the normal dental care procedures these will stain far lesser than your natural teeth. Thus, you get long-lasting shine and whiteness. This is a perfect choice for those who are heavy smokers or coffee drinkers, and thus, have a high risk of staining.


Typically a standard veneer lasts you 10 to 15 years easily, as long as you take the necessary care of it. They are light, feel completely natural, and are easy to take care of owing to their low staining properties. Even no-prep veneers can last you between five to seven years without any issues. It is a long-term investment for a perfect smile.



The biggest concern that people have is regarding the grinding of natural teeth. It changes the structure of the teeth and hence, it is highly recommended that you go to only one of the best dental clinics Delhi has, for the best safety.

Permanent Change

Fitting a veneer requires a permanent change to your teeth, Therefore, there is no going back if some day you decide you don’t want veneers anymore.


Veneers are not as tough as your natural teeth, so it is best to avoid biting down on hard foods such as frozen chocolate bars, bones, hard candy, etc. Avoid high sugar and citrus food, and tearing tough things such as condiment packets with your veneers. Wear retainers if you grind your teeth in your sleep.

Veneers are rapidly growing in popularity owing to their convenience and minimally invasive fitting options. So head over to a reputed dental hospital in Delhi to get yourself the perfect smile.

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