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Invisible Teeth Braces

Teeth Straightening Has Never Been Easy

Experts at Cosmodent India believe that traditional braces can put anyone’s life on hold more than they think. And that’s where Invisible aligner gets the job done.

Invisalign braces are a series of clear aligners that are made up of flexible plastic which are FDA approved and consist of no BPA, BPS, BPS Latex or gluten.

They hold distinctive characteristic of being very thin as well as transparent and could fit on your teeth such that they are invisible to anyone around you. They are simply trimmed according to the gum line of the patient in order to ensure the best comfort and appearance.

The COST of the entire procedure varies between 1,50,000-3,00,000 INR depending upon the patient’s requirements and complexity of the case. We have various affordable brands of invisible braces that can suit one and all.


1. What is Invisalign's Treatment?
These are braces used to straighten your teeth without any brackets or wires and which are clear in appearance. They are found to be more effective than traditional wire braces.

2. What are the Invisalign braces made of?
They are made of a special material known as a thermoplastic which is very flexible and clear making the braces virtually invisible.

3. How to clean invisible braces?
There is an optional cleaning system provided with the braces. You can also wash them normally with a toothbrush in lukewarm water.

4. Can the treatment become painful?
Although the braces are aimed at applying mild force while aligning your teeth, initially, it can be a little uncomfortable. But discomfort goes away in a few days.

5. Are there any dietary restrictions while on Invisalign braces?
A remarkable advantage of these braces is that there are no dietary restrictions whatsoever which are usually applied to normal wire braces. So no compromise on your favorite foods and drinks, while your ideal smile is on its way!

6. How many hours a day do you need to wear braces?
Typically, you will need to wear the braces for about 20-22 hours a day which typically includes while sleeping as well to see any major effect on the alignment. You will be given a schedule for the same.

7. How much does the treatment cost and what is the duration?
Cosmodent India offers various affordable options for invisible braces, the cost can vary between Rs.1,50,00 to Rs.3,00,000 depending upon your treatment plan and brand that you choose. The duration of the braces can vary between 6 months to ½ years depending upon the patient’s requirement. Once you book your appointment for the Invisalign scan, all your queries will be answered.

Cosmodent India operates in various clinics in different cities like Delhi, Saket, Bangalore, Shankar road as well as Gurugram. One of the specialist dental practitioners, Dr. Aman Ahuja at Cosmodent India believes in providing patients with the highest quality treatment at their disposal at a cost-effective price range.

Each and every clinic in Cosmodent India’s radar is equipped with expert Invisalign professionals who will help you get a detailed scan and deliver your invisible braces in no time. Apart from that, Cosmodent India has an esteemed team of professionals working under the expert guidance of Dr. Aman Ahuja.

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