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Proper dental care begins even before your child's first tooth appears. Though you may not notice them, teeth develop right from tri-semester of pregnancy, and when kids are born, they have 20 primary teeth buds waiting to erupt in a well-developed jaw. 
Often it is seen that due to lack of dental care, children tend to experience several oral hygiene issues.

Dr. Komal Nebhnani (MDS), a leading pediatric dentist from Cosmodent Teeth and Dermal Spa India,  is proficiently trained to handle issues involving your child's teeth and gums.

Dr.Komal Nebhnani’s proficiency with the Special Needs Children's a sight worth watching. From handicapped children to managing dental problems in syndrome children, she does it all. She is well experienced in managing children with cleft lip, cleft palate, and feeding problems. She has effectively given a great smile and relief from pain to many kids with Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy and spastic children as well. Children with special needs are provided with the utmost compassionate treatment aiding their comfort and peace.

Dr. Komal Nebhnani specializes in treating kids of all ages right from infants to teens, under Laughing Gas Sedation Dentistry as well. Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation is a technique to achieve the cooperation of small children who are highly anxious and fearful. Cosmodent India is equipped with modern set up for Conscious Sedationwhich is a highly safe and effective measure to ally anxiety and fear in your young ones. It guarantees safe and relaxed dental treatment in a painless way.
You are explained about the sedation procedure and its outcomes. It is mandatory to sign a consent form as well. Prior to the dental visit, your child will have to follow a few instructions such as:

Empty stomach for 2hrs at least. Only water and clear fluids allowed.
  • No milk solids at least 3hrs prior to the procedure
  • No nail paint applied
  • No nasal obstruction should be present
  • No cold/flu etc.
  • If a child is on any medications, kindly disclose prior to the procedure
Conscious sedation is done with nitrous oxide gas and oxygen gas in combination. It is very safe at atmospheric pressure and the fact that it comes out of your body within 3 minutes after the gas inhalation is stopped, makes a prompt recovery. An attendant (parents/guardian) should be present while going back. 
The presence of oxygen in combination with nitrous oxide adds to the inefficacy of this procedure. Oxygen is mandatory for soothing and alertness, it reduces nervousness and anxiety. Plus, nitrous oxide gives a happy/euphoric effect to the patient making this technique a highly pleasurable and trauma-free dental visit.

Why Is Cosmodent India The Most Preferred Dental Clinic For Kids?

Specialized dental care for the most common ailments for children is provided here. As kids have a very general impression of the dentist’s office being a scary place, Cosmodent India aims to change that impression with their services. 

Emergency trauma such as dental trauma, teeth swelling/ pain is treated with utmost care. Infant oral health is kept as a top priority and anticipatory guidance, diet counseling and early brushing habits are taken care of here in Cosmodent India. We have a dedicated brushing station to demonstrate teeth brushing techniques.

Cosmodent India’s pedo unit comprises of all dental equipment placed in a colorful and child-friendly way. The décor and interactive child motivational games leave your kids with a happy vibe. From books to brushing models everything here is sure to instill a positive dental attitude in your child. This child dental unit is specially designed with audio-visual distraction techniques which successfully allies all anxiety and fear from kids' minds.

Practicing Pedodontist Dr. KomalNebhnani provides specialized treatment techniques aimed for children ranging from high-quality milk tooth fillings/restorative care, child root canal or nerve treatment, milk tooth-colored crowns, fluoride gel treatment, space maintainers, preventive resin infiltration, orthodontics, braces, and habit-breaking appliance, etc.  All materials and equipment used are of high quality and advanced composition. Special care is taken to avoid contact of any toxic or allergic constituent in kinds of the oral cavity.

Along with Painless Injections, a specialized child dental treatment room for Conscious Sedationalso known as laughing gas sedation is designed especially for kids. Even most painful operations are done with the help of sedation syrups, laughing gas or funny nose to make the procedure painless and a happy one. 

Hospital general anesthesia facilities are also present. In some cases, of Severe ECC (Early Childhood Caries)your young ones need to undergo multiple painful dental treatments including milk tooth root canal, extractions, crowns, etc. Taking into account such a young age of child and trauma that such invasive dental procedures can cause, it's advised to opt for “Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedures Under G.A”  Cosmodent India has tie-up with most elite and child specialized hospitals to ensure the ease of procedure in the safest way.

When dental problems as such are left untreated, they cause significant discomfort and tend to leave more complications like chronic infections when the child grows. To take good care of kid's oral health, parents should look out for common dental issues for kids and try to provide the best possible solution possible to their child. For healthy dental life, make sure your child's first dental visit is done by his/her first birthday. Cheers! To young Smiles ??

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