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8 Signs That You Need to Go to a Dentist

Teeth are often the most neglected part of the body and yet they are the beginning of our digestive system, which makes them one of the most important organs to take care of. It is commonly seen that people rarely worry about their teeth until the pain becomes too much to bear and cavities have reached the pulp, leaving with no option but root canal or extraction. A majority of root canal treatment cost in Delhi could have been prevented by visiting a dental hospital in Delhi on time.

Keep an eye out for these signs, seeing which you should book an appointment with your dentist soon.

  1. Tooth Sensitivity: At the slightest sign of teeth sensitivity or pain in your teeth, it is a good idea to book a dental checkup as soon as possible. Pain is an indication of several conditions ranging from cavities to infections, which have invaded your teeth from the enamel to the dentine layer, and it is inching towards your nerves and pulp, thus the need for medical care arises. Book an appointment with your dentist to get it treated, filled, or coated as the soonest. If left untreated the problem will progress and pain can increase to unbearable levels really quickly, so it is better to seek help soon.

  2. Food Lodgment: Food getting stuck in your teeth is the first sign of cavities. Over time you might see a darker or yellow appearance or even ark black spots on the teeth, where the cavities develop. If it is only enamel deep and yet to reach the dentine and pulp, there are high chances that you can get it treated with simple cleaning and filling. However, once the pulp is hit, you will experience tooth pain, and at that point, the only treatment is a root canal. If you want to avoid the root canal treatment cost in Delhi get yourself to the dentist the moment you see these spots.

  3. Discomfort in Gums: Swelling or bleeding of gums is a sign of several kinds of gum diseases and inflammations. If you notice bleeding gums while brushing or biting into crunchy fruits, you might have gingivitis, which is caused by the growth of bacteria in the gum pockets, and it can lead to your teeth becoming wobbly and falling off at an early age. Unchecked gum disease can get infected easily as our mouth is always wet and often has bits of food particles stuck, making it conducive to the growth of bacteria. This often develops into abscesses and deep bone infections, which might require complex surgery and even amputation of bones. Get to your doctor at the slightest discomfort.

  4. Misaligned Teeth: Crooked and badly aligned teeth trap food in the crevices, thus harboring bacteria in the nooks and corners. Studies show that kids and adults with poorly aligned teeth have a higher chance of developing cavities and gum issues. Moreover, they can also cause oral injuries, and irritation to your lips and tongue while chewing, talking, etc. A little investment in Invisalign cost will save you a lifetime of risks of discomfort, cavities, and mouth injuries. Invisible braces are super comfortable, aesthetic and work faster than regular wire braces. Now that you know the risks, book yourself an appointment with our smile experts for a quick smile analysis and possible courses of treatment to correct this situation.

  5. Teeth Discoloration: Discolored and yellow, grey, or green teeth ruin the entire look of your face, your beautiful smile, and even your confidence. If not cleaned up on time, it develops bad breath, tartar, and plaque issues as well. Discoloration of teeth is not only caused by oral health problems but can also reflect other underlying health issues, such as digestive problems, liver enzyme imbalances, and more. Head over to a dentist and get your teeth checked to eliminate risks to your health and get professionally cleaned to restore natural color. With the use of a gentle abrasive, the layer of discoloration is removed without affecting your enamel. You can get high-grade polishing that will offer long-lasting HD shine.

  6. Injury: If you have sustained an accident or injury to your teeth or jaw, resulting in pain, chipped, broken or wobbly tooth, bleeding from gums, or any other issue, you must seek urgent medical care and get it treated without any further delay. It is quite common among kids and teens to get their front teeth chipped or broken in playground injuries. Teeth are porous and it is from this chipped part that harmful microorganisms grow and cause decay, infection, or inflammation. Therefore, instead of waiting, the tiniest damage to your teeth needs an immediate visit to a dentist to get it filled, coated, or covered at the earliest, thus preventing further damage. You might require some dental work or Invisalign cost to get your teeth back in shape, but most injuries are reversible with quick attention.

  7. Routine Pregnancy Care: Pregnancy hormone changes can bring about several dental issues such as pregnancy gingivitis, causing bleeding gums, aches, and even wobbly teeth. While sometimes these problems do go away after delivery, they can persist, recur, or even become a chronic issue later in life. Thus, dentists always recommend regular dental checkups in every trimester during pregnancy to avoid any future damage.

  8. Elderly Issues: With age, issues such as increased sensitivity, abrasion, and attrition, tooth calcification, gum recession, and risks of enamel fracture increase. Therefore, geriatric patients should see their dentists for half-yearly checkups, even if there are no issues. At this age, the smallest dental problems can lead to severe issues rapidly, even running the risks of teeth falling out. In case of pain or discomfort, it is best to immediately rush to a dental hospital in Delhi to avoid any complications.

Abnormal Growth
If you find any unnatural patch, growth, ulcer, lesion, or lump in your gums, lips, tongue, or any part of the oral cavity, you need to rush to your dentist at the earliest. Anomalous growths can be cysts, tumors, or even cancerous cells that, when left untreated, can escalate extremely fast to form abscesses or aggressive cancer and even put your life at risk. Therefore, if you ever notice anything unnatural in your mouth, book yourself a dentist’s appointment without any delay.

Teeth are your asset for life. They aid in good digestion and offer a beautiful definition to your face. Take good care of them and head over to a dentist at the first sign of trouble to save yourself pain and money in the future.

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