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7 Precautions Parents Must Take To Prevent Kid's Teeth Hygiene Issues

Today, every one out of ten children suffers from oral hygiene issues, and by the age of three over 50% of them become prone to cavities. So, where exactly does the problem lie? Parents often believe that decay in baby teeth (milk teeth) does not matter, as their child would lose them by the age of 6. However, lack of hygiene could have a detrimental effect on permanent teeth and most importantly trigger future dental problems too.

Therefore, whether your child has just begun with the basics of oral hygiene or aspires to maintain his/her pearly whites to perfection- there are 7 crucial precautionary steps that parents must take for ensuring that your kid's teeth stays healthy for a lifetime.

Select a suitable toothbrush

Dental needs of a child are different from adults. To clean their teeth always use a soft-bristled toothbrush, where the bristles are positioned in different heights. Such a toothbrush effectively cleans gums and teeth. For keeping the toothbrush clean, rinse it thoroughly with water and then store the same in an upright open container so that it air-dries.
If the family members store their toothbrushes at the same place, do ensure that the bristles do not touch each other. By doing this, you can easily reduce the risk of decay-causing bacteria from travelling between the brushes and then into your kid's mouth. Make sure that you replace their brush in every three to four mouths, or when you find that the bristles are frayed or worn.

Brush their teeth twice a day

Another precautionary step that is highly recommended by dentists for kids and adults alike is brushing teeth twice a day: once in the morning and once in the night. Despite the importance of this step, there are many kids who dislike the idea of brushing their teeth before going to bed. The idea here is to promote good oral habits by teaching them how brushing at night can help in removing plaque and germs that might have accumulated throughout the day. 
Dr. Komal Nebhnani, a reputable pediatric dentist at Cosmodent Teeth and Dermal Spa suggests that till your child is 6 years of age; strictly use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Once he/she grows beyond 6, you can go with the regular adult toothpaste.

Follow a proper brushing technique

Brushing your kid's teeth must be guided by a systematic routine and this should include the following steps:
  • You can either sit or stand behind your little one so that they are secure. Do this in front of the mirror, as your child would be able to see their mouth properly.
  • Cup their chin with hands and keep their head resting against the body
  • Achieve a good angle with bristles towards their gums. Always move the toothbrush is small circular motion to clean the inner & outer sides of teeth and gums.
  • Brush forth and back on the chewing area of the teeth
  • Then, brush the tongue gently
  • After brushing, make sure that you encourage them to completely spit out so that they do not swallow the toothpaste.  
  •  Always give fluoride-based toothpaste
Fluoride is a beneficial mineral that builds strong bones and teeth to prevent unwanted decay. Now, no matter which type of toothpaste your choose (flavor or whitening power), do check the list of ingredients for adequate levels of fluoride. It acts as a defense system against tooth decay in two ways (a) kills decay causing germs and (b) creates a protective barrier on your kid's teeth.

Never neglect their tongue

When it comes to oral hygiene of kids, parents primarily focus on their teeth. Though complete protection of teeth is essential, yet the tongue shouldn't be neglected. In fact, plaque built-up can occur on the surface of tongue and this ultimately leads to various oral problems. To avoid such a scenario, take good care of it using a tongue cleaner or scarper.

Toothbrush alone can never do the trick. Rather, using a tongue cleaner can offer several benefits that are vital for kid's overall oral health, and some of them are mentioned below:
  • Removes odor causing and harmful build-up
  • Reduces the risk of adverse periodontal disease
  • Removes dull taste, ensuring kids enjoy their food
  • Boosts digestive healthy and immunity levels
  •  Limit the intake of acidic and sugary foods
Excess of acidic foods deteriorate the teeth, while sugary foods stick to the teeth for long hours and lead to serious oral hygiene issues. Hence, a good practice is to limit the intake of chips, crackers, cakes, caramel, biscuits, cookies, carbonated drinks, gummies or other snacks, instead encourage your child to consume crunchy fruits and vegetables.

See a pediatric dentist regularly

A golden rule of thumb is to visit a pediatric dentist twice in every year. But, if you have any concerns about the dental health of your child then the sooner you visit the better.

For the best dental care services or to know more about the precautionary steps do seek immediate help from Dr. Komal a certified pedodontist happy to guide you at Cosmodent Teeth and Dermal Spa, India.

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