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A Life Changing Experience That A Patient Has Felt With Her Treatments At COSMODENT INDIA

A lady in her early 50s walked into our Bangalore center with a slight hesitation in her walk, hinting her nervousness towards a potential dental treatment which is the case with most of the patients across the world in such a scenario. 

She was approached by our Front Desk Executive and was seated in the Waiting Lounge where she would gather her doubts and queries she wanted to discuss during her first dental consult with us. 

As she met the warm and friendly staff at our Bangalore COSMODENT Centre, much of her anxiety would seem to have disappeared. 

During her first consult with the Clinical Team, She complained of wearing an ill-fitting denture that was a deterrent in her social life and was affecting her smile, speech, and overall health.

On Clinical Evaluation, It was observed that the patient was almost completely Edentulous ( Just 3 teeth were remaining in her Upper Jaws, which were decayed and were shaky ).

The Acrylic Denture (Plastic Material- Used by most of the elderly people in India and developing nations) that the patient was wearing had sharp edges and was a misfit in certain areas ... With great effort, it was being held in the mouth all these years.

The reason could be the lack of knowledge on different treatment alternatives for missing teeth or the fear and associated apprehension of dental treatments and subjective fears of pain and or discomfort.

We also noticed a significant redness in the front part of her palate region. This usually happens due to mechanical friction between a denture and palate causing denture sores. Indicative of the kind of suffering the soft tissues were facing.

She was advised, immediate discontinuation of the denture and medication was started to alleviate the redness and infection in the upper jaw region... Also, a treatment plan was formulated after extensive discussions with the patient after evaluating the diagnostic radiographic records.

As the patient didn’t want to be without teeth for a long time and wanted an immediate solution, She opted for immediate loading, single-piece Basal Implants.

The specialty of these dental implants is that they can be placed in a single visit and the teeth can be fixed teeth with in 3 days.

This came as a pleasant surprise for our patient that she would be having a fixed set of teeth without any hassle of multiple long appointments and that too within a couple of days... Initially, she was almost in disbelief but then later after seeing thousands of cases treated by COSMODENT INDIA BANGALORE, decided that she would go for this unique solution to her dental condition.

We ran some blood tests for the patient to understand the systemic condition which is the protocol for each patient evaluation pre-surgery.

The date and time were fixed that suited the patient’s convenience. The Implant placement procedure took 45 mins and was a cruise... The patient was extremely comfortable throughout the procedure as the procedure was done under local anesthesia and the patient was completely Conscious throughout the treatment... She was quite curious and inquisitive about each step we followed and asked questions and shared her experience... The team was happy to answer all the questions and make the patient utmost comfortable.

The decayed teeth were removed and 10 implants were placed in the Upper jaw.

Within no time, she was off the dental chair and after providing all the post-operative instructions that were to be followed after the procedure, she was provided with the second appointment for teeth fixing.

The placement of fixed acrylic teeth was to be done over the Implants during the first 3 months of the healing phase... This step makes sure that the patient has a set of fixed teeth, learns to bite and chew with teeth over the Implants and also the speech improves a lot as it’s new for anyone to speak with artificial teeth.

The science behind the provision of Temporary fixed teeth is that we want to provide a healing buffer time for the bone and gums before fixing something permanent ... This improves the long term stability of the implants and guarantees a lifetime of high endurance, strong support for the permanent teeth... 

During our patient's second visit, Temporary teeth set were fixed for her... Her reaction was worth recording as it almost brought her to tears, she was elated... Such a drastic improvement in her smile in just 2 days ... Fixed teeth in just 2 days ... This was something which was beyond her expectations... 

She was informed that these are just temporary acrylic teeth and the final result with the permanent teeth would be even better ... To which she replied, “ Doc I’m so happy with these teeth ... What can be better than this ... “ She got her answer 3 months later when she received her permanent ceramic teeth that looked so natural that one couldn’t differentiate between what’s real and what’s artificial... 

Before that, she was followed up monthly, for the next 3 months of implant placement procedure. On removal of the temporary prosthesis, It was observed that the gums beneath had healed meticulously and the implants were rock solid into the bone... This would lay a perfect foundation for our permanent ceramic prosthesis.

This time the reaction of the patient was even more epic. Overwhelming for our team members too... How a smile change could bring so much happiness in someone’s life ... The teeth looked perfectly natural and she commented, “ Doc, this makes Me look 20 years younger” ??

What more does one want to hear from your patients ... This satisfaction of our patients is what we crave for a day in and day out at COSMODENT INDIA Dental Clinic in Bangalore

With a change in the smile, we have been able to achieve a complete social life change for a lady for whom it meant so much, her self esteem, her ambitions, her health, her speech, her happiness... All connected to this unique curve on the face which we know of as “Smile”.

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