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Dr. Aman Ahuja

Dr.Aman Ahuja is one of the most distinguished and decorated dental surgeon in India.

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All ON 6 Dental Implants India

So you have a completely edentulous (no teeth) jaw or you have very weak teeth in the jaws which are advised for extraction by our team. Now you have few options to bring back the functional teeth and aesthetically pleasing smile. One of the options is all on 6 dental implants.


All-on-6 dental implants are based on six dental implants which include both upper and lower arches. The six dental implants are placed in the jaw one by one, thereby creating pillars for the placement of the bridges and crowns depending on the case of the patient.

  • The main advantage of all on 6 dental implants is that it makes use of your jaw bone effectively so that the loads from the force of mastication (chewing) is directly transferred to the underlying bone through the dental implant.
  • The all-on-6 dental implants have made sure that the patient's jaw does not get overburdened due to a lot of dental implants inserted in the upper and lower jaws.

The dental implants is tactfully placed by our team to ensure the best results at the end of the dental treatment.


We rely on the best materials from the following reputed brands

  • CWM
  • ADIN

Advantages and Benefits of All-on-6 Implants:
  • This procedure is suitable for almost all bone qualities.
  • In this technique very small or no bone crystals and graft needed.
  • This is painless and flapless is done through a dental implant guide.
  • Form surgical point of view, this is a simpler procedure and has good surgical predictability.
  • All-on-6 dental implant treatment procedure gives a well balanced prosthetic support for immediate loading and immediate function dental implant treatment procedures
  • This offers attractive prosthetic treatment options – immediate function as well as fixed prosthesis.
  • Is fast fixed and very cost-effective best price

The total cost of All-on-6 dental treatment procedure in Cosmodent India will be around 50 to 60 % less than what you will spend in Europe, Australia, Saudi, Canada, or America. We want you to eat and smile confidently.


1.What is an all-on-6 dental implant?

All on 6 dental implants utilize six titanium implants on both lower and upper jaw to firmly hold your dentures in place. This method can provide the best comfort levels and additional strength.

2. How many teeth does all-on-6 have?

The number of teeth in all-on-6 can vary between 12 to 14 per jaw. The goal of the treatment is to restore back the normal function and aesthetics which was lost due to missing teeth. Accordingly, our expert team of implant surgeons determines the appropriate number of teeth best required for it.

3. What kind of prosthesis can we have with All on 6 dental implants?
  • Hybrid prosthesis- It is one of the most traditional ways of fabricating all on 6 prostheses. The titanium framework with an acrylic wrap-around has been successfully used for many years as a budget-friendly option. It is resilient, easily repaired, readily cleaned, and polished if stained.
  • Smart Composite Hybrid Prosthesis-It is a combination of milled CO/CR and Milled Monolithic Composite. It is metal bonded to a resilient hybrid composite. It is Strong, rigid, highly polishable, and can be repaired in the mouth. Less likely to chip as compared to acrylic options. Lightweight compared to Zirconia. Very durable but not when compared to full zirconia.
  • Monolithic Zirconia Screw Retained Full Arch Prosthesis - This is one of the most esthetic and durable restorations ( least likely to chip) for the edentulous patient seeking an implant-retained solution. They exhibit a flexural strength of up to 1200 MPa, which delivers a restoration that feels almost like your natural teeth. This is a great combination of strength and cosmetics but is definitely heavy.
  • PMMA/PEEK- These offer as an alternative to zirconia, their supreme advantage is higher aesthetics and light-weighted.
  • Porcelain fused to metal prosthesis - It is a good option for cases with minimal bone loss. It is composed of milled cobalt-chromium metal with a layer of ceramic above it. It is budget-friendly and has average aesthetics.
4. Are All on 6 dental implants painful?

With the help of modern-day technology, dental implants have truly become a painless technique. Advancement in the field of dentistry has equipped us with numerous and safe pain management techniques. At Cosmodent India, we minimize pain and maximize the comfort of the patient by using the following types of anesthesia:

  • Local Anesthesia
  • Conscious Sedation/ Laughing Gas
  • IV Sedation
  • General Anesthesia- Daycare Procedure

Postoperative pain is taken care of by analgesic and antiinflammatory which are prescribed the dentist after surgery

5. How many days does it take for All on 6 dental implants in India?

Dental implant placement for a single jaw takes about one day, with an average procedural duration of 2 hours. Temporary teeth can be fixed on the same day itself or the very next day. However, fixing of permanent teeth is done after 3 months once the implants are well osseointegrated within the bone.

6. What is the cost of All-on-6 Dental Implants?

Every smile is unique so is the costing for All on 6 dental implants in India. Cost of All-on-6 is broadly dependent upon, the expertise of the operating dental surgeon, the brand of dental implants that you choose, the treatment requirements, and the location from where you get the treatment done.

Every country has different pricing for All on 6, which may vary from $5000-$50,000. However, in India, the average cost of All-on-6 dental implants cost ranges from INR 2.5 lakh to INR 7 lakh rupees (US$3,5000 to UD$10,000) which are way less as compared with other countries. Many implants brands and types of teeth are available at different costs. All on 6 is a combination of 6 implants and 14 teeth. A single dental implant can range from INR 15,000- INR 40,0000rs whereas, a single teeth can range from INR 5000-INR15,000.

7. Which brand is the best brand to do All-on-6 Dental Implants?

Nobel Biocare/Straumann dental implants are considered as the gold standards in the field of dental implantology. We procure the best materials from highly reputed brands like:

  • CWM
  • ADIN

Different brands offer a different warranty, ranging from 10 years to 15years to even a lifetime. At Cosmodent India we provide all brands under one roof, from the most luxurious brands to economic dental ones. So, you have a broad spectrum of options to choose from.

8. Why should I choose All-on-6 in Cosmodent India? Where can I find branches of Cosmodent India?

Cosmodent India comprises the most experienced team of dental surgeons led by Dr. Aman Ahuja, one of the leading implantologist in the country. Our core team of doctors and skilled auxiliaries are dedicated to providing the best experience one can only imagine! We at Cosmodent India implement the most advanced technology in our dental practice, ranging from digital radiology CBCT, to in house prosthesis building using CAD-CAM technology. We utilize high-quality drills and equipment to place implants successfully. Cosmodent India renders premium quality treatment modalities at unbelievably lowest prices, the total cost of All-on-6 dental treatment procedure is around 50 to 60 % less than what you may spend in Europe, Australia, Saudi, Canada or United States. You can Check out some of our success stories here!

We have Pan India Presence with our wings spread in:-

9. All on 4 or All on 6 -  Which dental implant procedure is right for you?

Both, All On 4 and All On 6 dental implants are ideal permanent solutions for people who have lost multiple teeth and want to regain their smile. Adjustments and recovery period is negligible and it won’t take long for you to forget that implants are even there. However, choosing the right technique is a critical part of the success of implants. Every person has a different bone density and face structure. There are lots of permutations and combinations based on which your dentist will guide you for the best suited dental implant technique

10. How long does All on 6 last?

Well maintained All on 6 dental implants can last forever. However different Implants systems come with a different warranty. Brands like STRAUMANN & NOBEL provide lifetime warranty while other companies assure 10-15 years. At Cosmodent India we provide Original Barcoded dental implants to our patients along with a warranty certificate.

11. How to maintain All on 6 dental implants?

You have to take care of All on 6 just like your natural teeth. Brushing twice daily, using Water-flosser/Water Pick regularly helps to maintain healthy gums. Visiting dental clinic once a year for a check-up, x-ray, and cleaning is also advised.

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