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Mr. Hasan Ali

I was very conscious of my smile earlier, until I got my teeth done with these Magicians. I am so much more confident and I smile with ease now.The ambience at Cosmodent is very relaxing and soothing, its almost like being in a lounge, whilst I am being grilled, with no pain. So now I am a new laughing Buddha, amongst all my family and friends


Member of Parliament Afghanistan

Facilities and Services available at Cosmodent are of highest standard. I am blessed with their lovely environment and nature of their treatment during my short duration. Doctor Aman is very knowledgeable and treated me with personal care. Staff is respectful in nature and the level of hygiene is well satisfied. They have state of the art technology which meets our class. I am very happy with my teeth. Thank you so much..


Miss Aseel

The interior of Cosmodent was very home-like, I could even offer my prayer (space provided) while waiting for treatment to begin. Everything was clean and sterile. The staff is very was empathic and helpful. The doctors worked highly professionally. I got my implants done without any pain. God bless them!


Mrs. Khalider

I was slightly apprehensive at first but was very pleased with the service. Dr.Aman was very professional and talked me through all the procedures I was going to receive thoroughly. The service was a lot better than what I had received in my country and I would recommend it to anyone. The best part was the “Good-Bye” gift hamper from Cosmodent, it made my smile even more.


Mrs. Magaidh Salman

I have had Extensive work done in just few days to correct basically my whole mouth. I found Doctors here to be extra gentle and truly caring professionals. I have no problem in chewing and biting now. Did I make the right decision ? Yes without a doubt.


Mr. Abdullah Hussain

"I received a brand new smile in just 3 days!! The service was absolutely fabulous - most professional in every way. I was impressed with the patient care and the 'records' showing how progress had been made. Moreover, I am stress-free because of the life-time Warranty they assure.Thank you!"


Mr. Khalid

I am from Saudi and came to India for Implants. My experience with Cosmodent was fantastic. Not only was the quality of the work performed equal if not better than dentistry in my country, traveling to India and meeting all the superb people that work here made it even more worth my while. Not only did they fix my teeth, but they also much took care of me. I came to India completely unprepared, but they assisted me make phone calls home, help in lodging arrangements, transportation, and ordered food for me if I was hungry in the office. I was treated like royalty while I was there all while receiving quality dental work for a fraction of what it would cost here in my country. I highly recommend them! I won’t go to anyone else from here on out!


Mr. Adnan Ali

The time I provided for the dental implants was not only restricted to a number of days but it was also confined to the needs of my travel schedules. Dr. Aman and his team went out of his work schedule to help me! I was uncertain and stressed out about the whole procedure but their reassurances saved me from thoughts of dental-work disasters. Two months post dental implants, I have not experienced a single problem with the implants. Today, I have found back the confidence to laugh. Highly recommend Cosmodent to all!


Mr. Ahmad Jasim

Visited Cosmodent for my dental treatment and since then I haven't been able to stop smiling, After having my front teeth straightened and all of my teeth whitened, which has really boosted my confidence. I was quite nervous for my first visit, but the staff were so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable and at ease that I was not nervous at all for any of my future visits.



I am so delighted and proud of my new teeth. Before, during and after the full mouth replacements into crowns. I always felt confident about the procedures. You all are so nice, trying to make us feel comfortable, never a problem. Again I take home nothing but good memories and a huge smile. Thank you, thank you, and Thank you. I love you all and will keep in touch.

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