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Single Tooth Implants India

Single Tooth Dental Implant Cost Gurgaon India

Hey there! If you have landed on this page, your search to know about dental implants ends here. We assume that you are interested to know what exactly a dental implant is and how hard it will  hit your pocket. Am I right?! So let’s begin with introducing this revolutionary treatment modality – ‘Dental Implant’.

A single tooth implant treatment is basically carried out by our specialist dental surgeon when there is a loss of a tooth or two due to age factor, injury, accident or any other reason. A decade back the best way to replace the missing tooth would be by a fixed bridge or may be a removable partial denture that would not last long but not anymore! Now, we have dental implants. Their longevity, strength and ease of placement has proven to be a game changer in the field of dentistry.

A dental implant is basically a titanium screw like structure which replaces the root part of your missing tooth without your body realising it’s a foreign object. Hence, it enables you to give you a tooth Implant that will resemble your original tooth and work precisely like it.

Procedure for Tooth Replacement With an Implant

During the consultation dentist carries out a careful oral examination followed by OPG X Ray and for detailed examination, we may want you to conduct a 3D CBCT scan. 

Implant surgery majorly depends upon the quality of your jaw bone and also the position of sinus. Once your medical history and existing jaw bone is reviewed, a definitive treatment plan is made that best suits you. During the surgery you may undergo : 
  • Damaged tooth extraction
  • Jawbone preparation (bone grafting done, only if your existing jaw bone is not sufficient enough for implant to osteo integrate or fix within it)
  • Placement of Dental implant
  • Healing time for Bone growth
  • Placing an Abutment (it is actually a part over which your new artificial tooth will sit)
  • Impressions taken for fabrication of new tooth
  • Artificial tooth crown fixed

The entire process may take 1 day to 3 months from beginning to end if you do it the conventional way as it requires time for healing and growth of new bone. Depending on your situation, you may opt for an ‘Immediate tooth Implant’ placement too. Yes, you read it right! Our implantologist are skilled to do single tooth implant placement and give you teeth over it right away. Ask our experts to know more about dental implants in a day.

Cost Of Single Tooth Implant in Gurgaon India 

Cost of single tooth dental implant majorly depends on 3 factors: 

A. Manufacturing brand - To know the facts, there are more than 150 companies located in different countries producing implants and its components. Few companies have conducted significant scientific research into the reliability or longevity of their implants. These brands prefer superlative quality material and are in business since long and hence, their product costing is on the higher end as compared to ones which are new in the market.

Country Origin

Manufacturing Brand

Cost (INR)

Israeli Implants

Adin, A B Dent, Top, hitech


Korean Implants

Osstem; dentium, cowellmedi


Swiss/american implants

Nobel biocare; Straumann


B. Density of Jaw Bone: Powerful chewing action of mouth exerts high pressure on your jaw bone, and if it is not strong enough or too soft to support the implant, then it will likely lead to a failure. Hence, you may need bone grafting prior to your dental implant surgery. This will create a more solid base for the implant. It may take several months for the transplanted bone to grow new bone which will support a dental Implant.
There are types of bone graft materials such as natural bone graft, or synthetic ones that are used to rebuild a jawbone. Cost may range from INR 5000-15000

C. Type of prosthesis: Next step after implants is placement of artificial crown or bridge. Usually, each crown is attached to its own dental implant. However, implants are exceptionally strong, thus several teeth can also be replaced by one implant if they are bridged together. Cost for this depends on what type of crown/bridge material you choose.
Crown cost may range from INR 4000-15000 depending upon what you choose ceramic-metal or zirconia and how many years of warranty is offered. Also, the Bridge can be either screw retained or cement retained. Former being more expensive than later.
The cost of a single tooth dental implant may appear expensive, but these are the best solutions for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. Cosmodent is one of the most prestigious dental clinics in Gurgaon, that offers all kinds of advanced dental implant treatment and makes sure its affordable too. We have exclusive EMI options at 0% interest rates and many additional offers too.

C. Surgical Skill Of Dentist : While on a boat , you cannot ignore a rower. Much of the implant treatment success depends on experience and knowledge of the surgeon. Skills of the dentist performing dental implant surgery and designing the restorative teeth can’t be ignored. Also, if you choose a learned dental implant surgeon, the majority of major implant brands should deliver an excellent outcome. However, choosing an inexperienced implant dentist who uses the best quality brand will not  necessarily guarantee success.

Benefits of Dental Implant

Cosmodent ensures that you enjoy benefits of dental implantation from day one :

  • The dental implant functions and last like a natural tooth
  • Apart from the similar physiological functionality, implants also protect the bones and avoid gum recession.
  • The best part of the implantation is that the healing time is minimum, and we ensure to carry out procedurals immediately.
  • The benefits can be enjoyed over a more extended period compared to bridges, removable dentures, or conventional crowns. Hence, it’s a lifetime investment.
  • The success rates are more than that of the bridges, and these implants come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • A dental implant can work well for lifelong with daily flossing, brushing and cleaning, and it can surpass the cost of the bridge involved
  • It is the best, painless and permanent solution for the missing tooth.
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Why choose Cosmodent India for single tooth dental implant surgery?

Choosing the right clinic out of plenty available, is no easy task! But you won’t regret if you bank upon us, count the reasons why : 
  • Cosmodent clinic is known for its world class infrastructure most advanced technology to ensure flawless single tooth dental implant surgery in Gurgaon.
  • Apart from the quality, you must also consider the expertise of the dentist. Our highly skilled super specialist deliver high success rates even in most complex cases
  • We can feel your pain hence, we incorporate multiple painless treatment modalities (painless injections, conscious sedation etc.) so that you don’t have to undergo much pain and can recover from it quite quickly.
  • You should always consider the certification of the clinic. Cosmodent is an ISO certified clinic with hygiene protocols par excellence.
  • We are capable of giving you a Smile in your budget. We offer plenty of different brands of implants that will fit your price expectations and moreover we have 0% interest rates EMI options too. A single tooth dental implant cost in Delhi is one of the most affordable prices for you to grab in Delhi NCR region.
  • We are confident of our services. Hence we provide lifetime international warranty on dental implants.
  • Overall our team is dedicated to giving you the highest level of comfort. Personal attention and touch of care will keep you anxiety free.

What are the side effects of a dental implant?

There are no such major side effects associated with single tooth dental implant.However, there can be minimal heaviness in head, tingling sensation in the lips, or other natural teeth, gums or chin. But with the right kind of dental clinic like Cosmodent, the risks of infection and surgical trauma can be minimized. Our dental surgeons have manual artistry required for successful dental implantation which causes no damage to oral tissues or any other present natural teeth.

How painful is it to get dental implants?

The reaction differs from person to person, and there might be slight to negligible discomfort during implantation. Before starting the surgery, we give local anaesthesia to numb your gums and jaws. After that the procedure is carried out by a skilled dentist who makes the procedure completely painless.

Team Cosmodent Gurgaon strives to minimise your pain by administering painless injections as well as using laughing gas sedation and many more pain free techniques. We believe in providing complete comfort to our patients and allying with all anxiety. Way to deliver smiles should be a happy one.

How long does dental implant treatment take?

Duration of dental implant procedure varies. Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of implant placement procedure :

1. Conventional: These are two phase implants. In this, after implant placement we have healing time of about 3 months before you receive your permanent teeth. Healing time is to assure implant has osteo integrated with your jaw bone strongly and is ready to bear load of artificial prosthesis.

Another variation in conventional procedure is the concept of “dental implant in one day” or “teeth in a day” wherein after implant placement in phase 1 we make an impression, and give you a removable or fixed temporary prosthesis (crown or bridge) right away so you walk out with teeth the same day. But remember it's only a temporary one. You have to get another sitting for phase 2 after 3 months to receive your final set of fixed teeth

2. Immediate: In this procedure, we study the oral health of the patient, conduct X-rays for further investigation and place the implants (8 to 10 implants on the upper jaw and 6 to 8 implants on the lower jaw). Post this we take permanent impressions which takes 2-3 days for customization and the entire set of the permanent teeth is fixed in the next day or two. Hence the concept is called ‘Immediate implants in 5 days’. These are different from the conventional types of implants as they can immediately bear the load of final set of teeth. Also, they are placed in basal part of jaw bone and hence called as ‘Basal implants’.

Why are dental implants expensive?

  • The upfront cost of the other teeth replacement options like bridges or denture might be lower than dental implants, mainly because dental implants are made up of noble material like Titanium and its alloys which are bio compatible unlike the bridges which are fabricated with normal acrylic or plastic 
  • The dental implants cost varies majorly on their brand manufacturer too. Out of the numerous implant manufacturing companies across the globe, very few have conducted significant scientific research into the reliability or longevity of their implants. The brands which prefer superlative quality material and are in business since long have their product costing on higher end as compared to ones which are new in market
  • Moreover, the price is invariably high as they can last for a lifetime and appear like natural teeth. They mimic a natural tooth’s root and crown in all ways. 
  • Also, bridges/dentures don’t provide permanent solutions and require re-investment from time to time. Thus, the other teeth replacement surgeries will ultimately prove out to be more expensive in future.

I suffer from high blood sugar or diabetes; can I go for implants?

Diabetes is no longer a rare condition. So, Cosmodent makes sure nothing comes in your way to regain your smile back! Dental surgeries can be safely carried out if the blood sugar levels are in control so that risk of infections is minimised. Single tooth dental implant procedure can be successfully carried out if a patient’s Hb1Ac is less than 7.5. However, if it is not then we first follow protocols to bring their sugar in control with regular monitoring and medications so that there is a minimum risk of implant failure and postoperative healing is good.

Can I get an MRI scan done after implants treatment?

Yes, without any hesitation, you can successfully conduct an MRI without any problem. Titanium or Zirconium is completely acceptable for MRI

Which is the best brand of dental implant available?

To know the facts, there are more than 150 companies producing implants and their components. They differentiate according to their built type, usage, country of origin, type of procedure, type of bone etc. and many more variables. 

However, the most established and well-known ones are Straumann and Nobel Biocare. Other well-respected dental implant companies include osstem ,Adin, Dentsply Sirona, Biomet 3i (Zimmer Biomet) and BioHorizons , Mono Implant.
  1. It is quite difficult to determine which implant brand is the best available today. Hence, we suggest a rule of thumb :
  2. Study how long the company has been in business.Reputable companies backed up by long term presence in the market are guaranteed. 
  3. Know the amount of extensive research conducted by them into reliability and longevity of their implant systems.
  4. Don’t compromise on quality due to a few bucks! It’s wise to choose a little expensive implant brand in comparison to other cheaper implants produced by smaller companies which use sub-standard quality materials and haven’t been tested extensively.
  5. It’s important to know whether the brand you chose offers back up. If an implant component fails in 10 years’ time, will you still be able to get a replacement part or no
Cosmodent India uses only superlative quality of implants, which are known to have high success rates as they are manufactured from premium brands. Our specialist makes sure to choose the right implant for your needs. Implant that we have placed till date are of the quality assured and have shown the best results. 
Size matters, The difference between the regular implant and mini implant is its size. Mini dental implants have the same structure as regular implants but are slightly smaller in form.

These mini implants have two parts:

  • A titanium post with a ball on the end.
  • A socket with a rubber O-ring that attaches the tooth to the post.

According to Dennis Flanagan, DDS and Andrea Mascolo, DDS in the Journal of Oral Implantology, regular implants are 3.4 to 5.8 mm wide, but mini implants are 1.8 to 3.3 mm in diameter and 10 to 15 mm long.

What are they used for

Mini dental implants can take almost all tooth replacements from dentures to the bridges and fixed crowns.

Our team can usually install mini implants in only one visit using local anesthesia and without any sutures


  • No cutting or sutures.
  • Success rate is high.
  • Less discomfort for the patients.
  • Can be used in patients with physical disabilities.
  • Permanent and quick solutions.


  • Cannot be used in case of bone loss.
  • Contraindicated in patients who has a habit of Teeth grinding
  • It’s bite force tolerance is lower than that of conventional implant

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