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Kids Dental Clinic In Delhi

The best time to start good care of oral health is from childhood itself. Proper care of your kid’s mouth at a quality kids' dental clinic during childhood can help prevent teeth and gum diseases later in life. Just search ‘dentistry for kids near me and start taking your little ones for regular visits to keep their teeth healthy. Top pediatric dentist in Delhi says that kids whose parents insist on dental care early on develop good habits, and suffer fewer oral problems as adults.

Importance of kid's dental treatment

Most parents often wonder if taking their toddlers to a dentist is too early or if it will scare them. Moreover, they feel that since milk teeth will fall out themselves, dental issues are not that big of a deal. However, these teeth are important for chewing, proper digestion, and even self-confidence. Thus, it is of utmost importance to start taking care of their teeth early on. According to the best child dentist in Delhi, there are several benefits of taking your child’s oral health seriously at a young age.

Good oral hygiene

Regular pregnancy checkups ensure maternal health as well as proper nutrition to ensure the health of her oral hygiene and the baby’s future teeth. Introducing your children to good oral hygiene at an early age is the best investment for their teeth. A simple web search of ‘kids dentists near me’ will lead you to a professional, who will teach you and your kids how to take good care, proper brushing, flossing, and keep their mouth clean in general. It will protect them from early childhood caries, and baby bottle decay and help inculcate good habits in them early on.

Early preventative care

Children do not notice the early indication of dental issues such as decay and gum diseases until the pain sets in. The smallest nursing bottle caries can progress to full infections pretty quickly. Therefore, it is essential that parents take their children to a kid's dental clinic for routine checkups. The dentist will offer a fluoride gel or varnish coating as a protective measure. In the case of children above six, whose adult teeth have started coming in, they might need pit and fissure sealants for added protection. Even the smallest sign of dental problems can be detected early and treated, thus, preventing bigger issues.

Corrective measures

Ignoring minor positioning and teeth alignment issues in kids will worsen with age, and bones growing. Habits like thumb or lip sucking, tongue thrusting, etc are often the cause of poor alignment issues in the teeth. However, at an early age, it is possible to treat those, sometimes even without braces, with the use of orthodontic appliances, removable plates, and appliances, which can correct the issue and reduce the chances of needing ugly braces or extraction later. Even braces work much quicker at a younger age. A good pedodontist in Delhi will help correct any alignment issues early on and save the hassle of complex and painful treatments or surgeries later.

Just Google 'kids dentists near me' to find dental help for your precious little ones.

Commonly Used Dental Treatment For Kids

At Cosmodent we have a vibrant and top-of-the-line pediatric unit to help you with all your child’s dental needs. So your Google search for the best pediatric dentist in Delhi has led you to us, you are in the right place. Here are some of the common treatments we offer.


Common issues of misaligned teeth can be solved with the help of braces, which puts gentle pressure to bring the teeth to the desired position. We have the best pedodontist in Delhi as well as a wide variety of braces, including invisible braces such as Invisalign kids and Invisalign teen for extra comfort, faster action, and better aesthetic. Quirky and colorful braces are also quite popular among tots. With early detection, it is even possible to correct these issues without braces with simple removable orthopedic appliances and acrylic plates.

Dental Filling

A milk tooth filling is the most common treatment for children as their dietary choices make them prone to cavities. It is a quick process that simply removes the decayed parts of the tooth and fills it to prevent the further spread of caries. Without grinding off the milk tooth, only the affected parts are cleaned and filled with a tooth-colored filling material. Using only specialized kids-friendly treatment for doing these procedures, laser filling is also an effective option for high-quality filling treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

When cavities progress to the pulp of the teeth, for kids root canal treatment Delhi is the best solution. In this process the dentist cleans the cavities right down to the root, performs a painless pulpectomy, and fills them, fitting a crown over them. Child-friendly and appropriate-sized instruments are used to reduce discomfort.


Some extreme cases require extraction of the milk teeth, to curb problems like decay, injury, and breakage or to remove the retained milk teeth and offer the adult teeth the necessary space to grow properly.

Other than these we also offer extensive treatments and corrective surgeries for all kinds of oral problems, under the care of the best child dentist in Delhi. All kinds of dental and oral problems, including habits such as thumb sucking, can be treated under one roof at Cosmodent, under the expert care of the top pediatric dentists of Delhi, such as Dr. Komal Negnani and Dr. Sakshi.

Frequently asked questions about kid's dental treatment 

At what age should I take my baby to the dentist?

The best age to take your baby to a dentist is when they start growing their first milk teeth, which usually occurs around 6-12 months of age. A pediatric dentist will be able to detect any gum issues early on and can take necessary preventative treatments to make teething easier.

Do I need to fix cavities in milk teeth?

Early childhood caries when left untreated progress to tooth decay, which causes substantial pain, and can even lead to gum and bone infections. Therefore, even if milk teeth will fall out, it is essential to fix cavities at the earliest.

Does it hurt?

Any procedure that can cause pain is performed under local anesthesia. Laughing gas or nitrous oxide is often used to reduce any pain or anxiety of local anesthesia. Even in the case of full mouth procedures using general anesthesia, a good pedodontics would mostly finish it in a single sitting. You do not need to worry that your kid will feel the drilling of their milk tooth filling or other procedures. However, mild pain or discomfort can be experienced once the numbing wears off. Our doctors will prescribe light painkillers to remedy that.

Is anesthesia safe?

Absolutely! For most common procedures like kid's root canal treatment, we use local anesthesia, so your kid will be completely awake through the treatment but will not feel the slightest pain. Our anesthesiologists are highly trained to take the best care of children of all ages.

How do I prepare for a dentist’s appointment?

At the best pediatric dentist Delhi has, we are equipped to take care of your kid’s jitters and calm them for their examination. Once you book the appointment at the best pediatric in Delhi, our team shall send you the video in which there will be all the tips and tricks as to how you can prepare a child for a happy visit. Your new environment won’t be scary at all, so a little positive encouragement from you will help immensely.

Can I take my baby to my regular dentist?

It is best to find a good kids' dental clinic for the best care of your kid’s dental issues. Places that specialize in children’s oral care have necessary specialist dentists, with pediatric degrees and the right equipment to handle the needs and issues of young children. You will be offered minimally invasive age-appropriate treatments. However, in an emergency, you can visit an adult dentist as well.

When it comes to your kids’ dental health, never compromise. A little research on the best dentist kids near me will lead you to our branches. Cosmodent India is a leading chain of award-winning dental clinics in the country, offering all-around solutions under one roof. With the best pediatric dentists, surgeons, and specialists, and the latest technology in pediatric dentistry, we promise to take the best care of your children’s oral health.

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